FWSThe scientists say:
“Speaker after speaker emphasized that the status quo approach was not tenable — conserving sage grouse and sage grouse habitat while also developing the rich gas, oil and coal-bed methane fields of Wyoming.”

Industry turns it into:
“Ranchers, oil and gas men, biologists, conservationists and state and federal officials are meeting to consider a newer, smarter way of conserving sage grouse while tapping the energy wealth of the Cowboy State.”

Grouse summit: Status quo won’t do
By Brodie Farquhar. Casper Star-Tribune correspondent

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Click the FWS photo for a short of the Sage Grouse.

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  1. Rick Hammel says:

    I just can’t see this summit coming up with any definitive answers. Of course the BLM will want to do more studies. I beleive the answer is to leave the bird alone, ie, no human intrusion into their habitat. While that is not realistic, expand the lek NSO from .25 mile to 2 miles. That will leave the birds undisturbed during mating.


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