‘Jonah in the Woods," a possible scenario for natural gas development near Bondurant, WY

As you may know, the Jonah were are talking about here is not the guy eaten by the whale, but a whale of a gas field SW of Pinedale, WY, out in the high desert, or at least what was a desert before it became a vast industrial sacrifice zone.

With all the gas leases the BLM has granted (many after approval from the Forest Service) up in the forested country near Bondurant, another Jonah could appear in the woods.

Story in the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Boom prompts look at ‘Jonah in the Woods’ Conservationists offer view of potential development near Bondurant, Hoback Rim. By Cory Hatch.

Here is the Skytruth simulation of what a full field like Jonah would look like in the northern foothills of the Wyoming Range.

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  1. Mike Wolf Avatar
    Mike Wolf

    That Skytruth imaging is a very effective tool. Is it possible to find before and after images of the other areas mentioned, so we can see what the real difference is compared to the simulated difference?

  2. Mary Avatar

    Expect to see more and more corporate industrial resource extraction in the mountain west as their plan to use the environmental organizations as dupes, intentionally firing them up on the notion that rural family ranches (whose property rights and interests still blanket most of the Mountain west) are bad for the ecology.

    Any success in the “environmental” agendaists goal via the large, dangerous predator spawning “peopleless” core areas promoted by these deluded ones only increases probability?possiblility for corporate plunder, which is now stymied by the rural ranching property rights here.

    The cognative dissonance developement between what is right and true and what unwitting people are led to believe and yearn for on the land is fantastically effective in producing a “world” where private property rights are public. Wolves who on isolated islands of the coast of B.C.
    do not balance nature but eat themselves and all other predators into a mortality sink.

    Wake up guys, the time of no return is sneaking up quickly on the situation. In the hush hush plans for a superhighway (with rails for shipping containers) from the Chinese ports in Mexico north flanking the mountains (resources) to facilitate the liquidation the resources of the U.S. (and Canada?) The proposed under water tunnel linking Alaska and Siberia facilitate a quick loop down to China, a great holder of US debt. The resources are the collateral for this vast otherwise unpayable debt and your title clearance is the only thing standing in the way. So hurry up, destroy the rural west and facilitate the plunder. Its a worldwide economy now, this is the norm, and they don’t really care about the future of the american people anymore, we are almost valueless human capital at this point.

  3. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins


    Would you care to start over and try to make sense in what you say here?


  4. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Mary seems to be advancing a conspiracy theory of some kind.

    These explanations are always out there, and they seem to be increasing in variety. I hypothesize this increase may be due to the breathtaking incompetence and disrespect for the law of the “conservative” (note my quotes) Bush Administration.

    Note: there really are conspiracies. A successful conspiracy requires the cooperation of a few highly disciplined individuals who are in the position and have the ability to keep things secret.

  5. mikarooni Avatar

    Robert, you don’t think it’s possible that “Mary” might actually be a pseudonym for “Marion” or even “Rose Mary” do you? I know it sounds ridiculous; but, the stuff sounds so similar.

  6. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    It isn’t them unless they got a new email account from a different ISP

  7. Mary Avatar

    Wake up guys. The people manipulating the “enviromental movement” is the stock and trade of the corporate representatives sitting on the boards of and controlling the policy and funding streams from on high (transnational criminal lawyers, internationally reknowned PR-Perceptional developement and control people, transnational bankers in the case of the board of trustees of the Grand Canyon “Trust”.

    Early recognition approaching the scope of this “conspiracy” has already passed into law in 7 or so states statutes against the dissolution of our country (to facilitate corporate or acquisition.) Surely informed people would like to know about the North American union and the Amero.

    Read “Storm over Rangeland if you want to know the truth about the property rights that still blanket the west. These rights have been defended by unanimous decisions by the Supreme Court starting with J.P. Curtain (I don’t remember the case title). He OWNED allotments, easements and water rights in the Sierra Nevada. The federal bureaucratic hacks came in with a map drew a big circle and said “You have to leave, this is now national forest. J.P. answered with the magic words, “No I don’t have to leave, I’ve got property rights here, water rights and easements” – all the way to the supreme court – unanimous.

    If you don’t believe me about the corruption of genes and personnel in the Mexican wolf program – what can I say. I’ve know the biologist, (not the only one) who quit in disgust when Dave Parson’s, by decree, announced that the two lineages besides the “certified lineage” captured by Roy McBride in Mexico animals that had been certified by all on the original recovery team TO DEFINITELY BE HYBRIDS!!!
    I have a copy of the original letter Roy McBride (who has probably captured more wolves in Mexico than as he said in the letter “anyone on the planet earth”) He was sent to observe the appearance of the questionable lineages in the initial analysis. He was absolutely appalled they were now going to use these hybrids for the recovery program some of which showed more dog than wolf. He called it science right out of the twilight zone and asked if these are now Mexican wolves, how come they are “so different than the animals I saw in Mexico.

    I also have a Mr. Woody’s, then regional director, stating that the program could not be based on these animals and somehow another alternative would have to be found.

    Check out recent articles on sosforests. The science of conservation has gotten so corrupt it’s all politics. A recent comment was by someone who workswithin the system. He says there is no science. Word comes down from on high what “scientific” finding is desired and the “scientists are supposed to massage reality until they can come up with a “reality” that fits the answer they want at the top, that matches the close the forest (to property oowners and public) agenda. Explore outside your little world. Mainstream environmentalism has gotten terrible inbred and isolated from the real world.

  8. Jean Ossorio Avatar
    Jean Ossorio

    The “biologist” to whom Mary is referring was one Dennis Parker, who wrote an undated, unpublished paper which he submitted as a comment on the Mexican wolf Draft Environmental Impact Statement. He did not work for the project, hence he didn’t “quit” over any decisions made by recovery coordinator David R. Parsons or anyone else.

    Mr. Parsons did not “decree” anything. The FWS appointed a distinguished panel of reviewers to examine Mr. Parker’s claims. The list of reviewers included, among others, Dr. Jonathan D. Ballou of the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Mike Bogan of the National Biological Service, Dr. Phil Hedrick (geneticist) of Arizona State University, Dr. L. David Mech of the National Biological Service (at the time), Dr. Patricia Mehlhop of the University of New Mexico, Dr. Rolf Peterson of the Michigan Technological University, Dr. Peter Siminski, then of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Dr. Michael E. Soule of the University of California, Santa Cruz, Dr. Robert Wayne (distinguished geneticist) of the University of California at Los Angeles, and others.

    Their comments can be read in the Mexican Wolf Final Environmental Impact Statement on pp. K-1 through k-9. (A link to a PDF of the Final EIS is available on the Fish and Wildlife Service’s Mexican wolf web site–link below.) Their unanimous verdict was that there was no evidence for hybridization of the Ghost Ranch and Aragon strains of Mexican wolves–along with a number of other conclusions refuting other claims made by Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker was not an expert in genetics. DNA testing demonstrated that the two captive lineages added to the “certified” or McBride lineage in 1995 were indeed, Mexican wolves.

    Roy McBride, by the way, is an expert wolf trapper, and was the person sent to Mexico to trap the five living wolves brought back in the late 1970s to form the certified lineage. Although his expertise in animal trapping is beyond question, as far as I know, nobody has ever claimed that he is an expert in canid genetics.

    For those interested in reading more on Dennis Parker’s claims and on the history of the Mexican wolf reintroduction in general, a good source is Bobbie Holaday’s book, The Return of the Mexican Gray Wolf, Back to the Blue. (The Univeristy of Arizona Press, 2003.)

    FWS Mexican wolf web site–documents page: Scroll down near the bottom to locate the link to the Final EIS.


  9. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Thanks, Jean.

    I believe that Mary tried to post her comments about a month ago, and things got messed up that day because this blog was dealing with spam overload.

    I’m glad she posted them again, and that you made a detailed response about their accuracy.


  10. Mary Avatar

    Regardless of Jean’s “authoritive” reply the entire wolve program is in question on many issues. Dennis Parker did not lightly buck the recovery industry system and was blackballed from government employment for pointing out that the program’s original team had unanimously concurred that these (Ghost ranch) were hybrids. Neither did McBride lightly write to Mr. Parsons. Though Jean sounds impeccably authoritive on must realize that there is much corruption in the “conservation” sciences at both the bureacratic and academic levels. Trust in these institutions as far as “conservaton goes these days is not warranted. People who are or have been within the system acknowledge the corruption. A long impressive list of experts counts for nothing these days when corrupt agendaists passing themselves of as honest “experts” routinely do round robin peer-review which often supports agendas over reality and science.

    Having a true and honest thirst for knowledge is not the same as being an agendaized activist. An enviro-activist recently got kicked off of an illegally procured position on a national committee over seeing prescribed fires on our national forests was recently busted and removed by the gentleman running the sosforests blog. A group of these agendaists were lobbying for yet more positions precisely to force the FS to burn only at the dryest, windiest seasons.

    A friend who had an out of control fire near her horse ranch was appalled when she tried to stop their decision to let the fire burn within a quarter mile of her house. To paraphrase one of the “experts” she was told, “You’ll see what nature can do to you.”

    This comment was countered by several fire-fighters soto voce that this order was completely out of line. That is a particular instance of an attitude those in this rural area are victimized by.

    The prevailing scientific corruption also wages war on rural areas, both human and natural on a broad scale. Much has been proven false that has been peomulgated as gospel by agendaists to further the peopleless agenda. (One instance being the disinformation campaigns by the wolf program and cohorts in media and schools and public “education” presentations here, that this is the “WILD” and a real bonified “recovery” area. There is no concensus amongst wolf biologists about this, quite the opposite. Both Ed Bangs and Stewart Brecht of the NRMWRA have STATED to my husband that wolf recovery can never work here. Ed Bangs has told Mr. Morgart (USFWS in Albuquerque) that he had a particularly difficult recovery here BECAUSE THERE WAS NO CORE AREA FOR WOLVES TO RECOVER IN HERE. Just because people want there to be, and so tell others that there is doesn’t make it so. Now their lobbying to have the OWNED allotments removed from use to make room for the wolf. That kind of rural cleansing/cultural genocide of regional historic cultures and economies is not at all the what supporters of the ESA is suppossed to be involved in.
    Ed said that this program has very serious issues about what real wolves are doing to real cultures and people here in th e real world. Smacks of funny business somewhere along the line doesn’t it?
    More information from the agendaists relates to how Michael Robinson (a very single minded activist agendaist -GET THE PEOPLE OUT- if there ever was one) reiterates ad absurdum about how the Light vs US (around 1911?) case that went to the Supreme Court PROVES that ranchers do not have their real property rights. Light vs US was not even a property rights case and fell into the Agency encouraged trap of arguing and presenting the issue to the court on a regulatory basis.

    Thus the judges and the Supreme Court COULD NOT even consider it as a property rights issue. J.P. Curtains case went before the Supreme Court almost within the year as a PROPERTY RIGHTS issue and his case was vindicated unanimously. Yet over and over for obvious aquisitive reasons land agencies refuse to acknowledge these rights. The grazing “permit” they DEMAND under threat of all kinds of awful things gives them permission, by your signature ,to regulate your property since without this they would have no jurisdiction over the private – not federal property.

    But never mind the list goes on and on and on and infiltrates all aspects of agency agendas and “conservation” science. Just stick to your guns, never question and never allow conflicting info to compromise your agenda. The mentality of tyrants.

  11. Mary Avatar

    Oh and yes Mike. Bushlike conservatives do have a terrible disrespect for the law but the crimes of high treason being planned by the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the US…extentions of NAFTA a Mexican port of entry in Kansas City, Kansas faciliting by the hugh highway/railway plan -moving the “goods” in but also out the US. There are many highly placed liberal politicians that are in complete accordance and also pushing it the same way Bush is. The lies lie in both extremes. The population of Texas rose up and demanded a moritorium on their link in the transcontinental transport super-corridor. A Spanish construction corporation had been hired to build it. The Kansas City chamber of commerce types are all hyped up making plans to become the Mexican port of entry and how this is going to put them on the economic map.


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