Boise (10j rule) hearing to be webcast live – tonight

The Boise (10j rule) hearing will be webcast live tonight barring difficulties encountered at the venue. Unfortunately, does not support streaming embeds so I am unable to embed the video on this post. If you would like to watch the live video and/or participate in the public comment, you can do so by visiting one of these links from 6pm MST to 9pm MST :

The live video stream – Western Watersheds has youtubed the Idaho official’s comments thus far

The forum for live participation

We are going to attempt to have volunteers read the comments posted to the live forum/blog in the meeting as demonstration that there are people who wished to attend but were unable to given the timeframe, geographical restraints, etc. Remember…

We particularly seek comments concerning (1) our proposed modifications to
the 2005 experimental population rule to allow private citizens to take
wolves in the act of attacking their stock animals or dogs; and (2) our
establishing a reasonable process for States and Tribes with approved
post-delisting wolf management plans to allow removal of wolves that
are scientifically demonstrated to be impacting ungulate populations to
the degree that they are not meeting respective State and Tribal
management goals. We specifically ask for comments regarding whether
the proposed modifications would reasonably address conflicts between
wolves and domestic animals or wild ungulate populations; would provide
sufficient safeguards to prevent misuse of the modified rule; would
provide an appropriate and transparent public process that ensures
decisions are science-based; and would provide adequate guarantees that
wolf recovery will not be compromised.

Ed Bangs et al needs to be confronted with the thoughts that we have all written and read on this and other blogs… Hopefully this will help.

Thanks to the help and support of Ralph Maughan, Western Watersheds Project, and (in its infancy !)



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  1. Anthony H Avatar
    Anthony H

    anyone get the live stream to work?

  2. Mike Wolf Avatar
    Mike Wolf

    No, didn’t get it to work; and I’m not about to try it in Exploder either. But then, I run an older version of Windows, Opera for a browser, and am on half-speed dialup, so things like live video streaming are, well, impossible.

  3. Mike Wolf Avatar
    Mike Wolf

    My comments, posted on the forum, were read.

    Curiously, no one else posted such comments. I wonder why that is. Did anyone else have their comments read by this organization? If not, why? Was the notification not adequate? Otherwise, was this a good idea?

    I for one loved the idea, and am happy my comments were read publicly. The impact of my comments, as you can see if you read them, are better in a public setting; as they were intended to put the FWS on the spot publicly; to point out that this is a completely unfounded rule change, and that it should embarass the service for even presenting it. I also pointed out that the opposition is always by a vocal, emotional minority and without basis. That was designed to educate the participants that they better damn well have a scientific basis for their arguments against wolf recovery efforts.

    Anyway, I’m curious to know how things went. If Ralph has a video copy of this, I’d love to buy a DVD of it. Perhaps VPUB could provide this as well.

  4. Anthony H Avatar
    Anthony H

    or maybe a youtube of it ^_^

  5. Tim Z. Avatar
    Tim Z.

    I thought alot about going and putting in my two cents (I went to the last one in Boise) but I now believe it’s fruitless, they’re going to do what they’re going to do. My current strategy is to donate $$ to those grps who will challenge them in the courts. I believe that is the only place where wolves/wildlife can win as long as the current regimes(s) are in office.

  6. d. Bailey Hill Avatar

    I was unable to make it work. I thought it was just my computer because my internet server has been having problems. I am sad to see some of you had the same problem. I am very anxious to find out how it went.

  7. begreen Avatar

    the server wasn’t dedicated… we’re working on getting together resources to acquire a dedicated server so more will be able to view – also, from what i understand folk have an interest in smaller window for slower speeds, next time we’ll make it small enough to enable dial-up connection –

    it’s a work in project folks – i apologize for those unable to participate…

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