Yellowstone safety manager mauled by bear

Another bit of bad news regarding bear. Yellowstone National Park safety manager, Ken Meyer, was injured by what is believed to be a grizzly bear along Little Trail Creek. He was hunting for black bear.

Grizzly suspected in attack on park safety manager
Mike Stark
Billings Gazette



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  1. Jordan Avatar

    Was this “manager” hunting to kill a black bear or out looking to see a black bear? It’s unclear. Whatever the case, is the hunting of black bears allowed in the area?

    Probably at least one bear or more will be killed because yet another human went out into their territory and got hurt. If indeed, this man was hunting to kill a black bear and he encountered a griz in the process, well, you take your chances and the bear – whatever species, should not have to pay with its life.

  2. Chuck Avatar

    I totally agree with Jordan, humans don’t seem to understand that we are encroaching on the animals territory. Just like all these ranchers who cry about their cattle and sheep getting killed, well lets see a 100 years ago the ranchers did not run their herds up in the high country. To me its a no brainer.

  3. elkhunter Avatar

    Jordan, I dont think they are looking for the bear because it attacked him, but he shot it. So now it is wounded, and you probably know how dangerous a wounded bear is I would imagine. Chuck I am sure 100 years ago that they grazed cattle in grizzly and wolf country. As for the no brainer, where would you have them graze in the winter? The winter range I am sure would contain wolves, and the ranchers 100 years ago were the main ones calling for their removal, so they must have been having some sort of problem or they would not have wanted them to be removed. Just a guess.

  4. Cody Avatar

    You know, a lot of people complain against the hunters implying that they are insensitive to the animals. Yet those same people sometimes have an attitude that people such as this man got what they deserved. That also is an inhumane and deranged way of thinking and you should be ashamed that it even crosses your mind. Have a little compassion for people too, even if you don’t necessarilly agree with their actions.

  5. Chuck Avatar

    I am also a big game hunter.

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