Rocky Barker sheds some light on a lesser known appropriations rider that Larry Craig sought to pass. The language would have limited water taken from Idaho reservoirs for salmon recovery.

Craig salmon-water rider has uncertain future

There has been speculation about another appropriations rider in response to the Senator’s wish to increase grazing (errr… “fuels reduction”) in Jarbidge following the Murphy Complex Fire.

Needless to say, Craig’s ability to ride these will be an uphill endeavor considering his loss of leadership position.

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  1. kt says:

    There is a humorous Boise Weekly Bill Cope article cataloguing some of Larry Craig’s older — Crimes Against Nature.

    It’s also worth viewing the cover of the BW – like an old-time movie poster “Gubnfight at Brokeback Outhouse” …

    EVERYONE who cares about public lands needs to keep on the alert for the likely awful final, desperate moves of Larry Craig in trying to attach all manner pro-cattle industry (i.e big favors for Larry Craig’s best buddies Simplot and the Jarbidge Brackett clan or other public lands ranching scofflaws in Owyhee County), as well as the logging industry, to the Interior Appropriations or other Congressional funding bills in the next two weeks.

    Keep your eye on Mike Crapo, too, to be doing Larry’s dirty work as Craig cowers back in Idaho. Crapo has a near-identical rock bottom Conservation record just like Larry’s. And Crapo these days has a big crush on cowboys, too …


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