November 2007

  • I have seen both of these stories, and thought I should post and clarify, but haven’t had the time or incentive (lazy) to do it. Fortunately Ed Bangs sent out the following. Not a wild wolf issue but was confused with one in media so…On the 28th, the Owyhee County Sheriff in ID requested ID…

  • It turns out to be true, but the identification of the particular wolf was wrong. Ed Bangs just sent this info out. The boldface is mine: “Correction- The frequency for the collared Idaho wolf in Yellowstone NP thought to be B195 is actually coming from Idaho wolf B271M. The two wolves had frequencies close to…

  • German survives quest to reach Yellowstone using only GPS. AP. Billings Gazette. Update Dec. 5. Tourist home after long walk in the cold. Donations pour in to help man stranded on closed road after following GPS. By Corey Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

  • Jon Way just got back from Yellowstone, and he has a report on some of the same events covered by Kathie Lynch. He also has photos. It is at his web page: Update November 28, 2007: Yellowstone trip with more pictures added Nov. 29!

  • Fluvial (river) grayling have been reduced to just one river in the lower 48 states. USFWS doesn’t want to list them. They say graying in the few lakes that have them are sufficient. Western Watersheds Project and other groups are suing over this refusal to list. Editorial in the Missoulian.

  • Slow Montana hunting season ends with a bang. By Perry Backus. Missoulian. Just to remind folks how much difference weather makes in a hunting season.

  • Hunting for wolves. By Nicholas K. Geranios. AP

  • Here is another story touting the economic benefits of nearby public lands. Report touts wildlife refuges. By Brodie Farquhar. Casper Star Tribune. These stories continually telling of the benefits of the public lands have in recent years help stave off the privatizers, but beware because their methods are getting more and more sneaky.

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