More on the Idaho wolf that went to Yellowstone

It turns out to be true, but the identification of the particular wolf was wrong. Ed Bangs just sent this info out. The boldface is mine:

“Correction- The frequency for the collared Idaho wolf in Yellowstone NP thought to be B195 is actually coming from Idaho wolf B271M. The two wolves had frequencies close to one another and B271 was mistaken for B195. Turns out B195 has a bob-tail and this one doesn’t so the mistake was eventually discovered by Niemeyer [former FWS and now IDFG]. B271 is currently with a dispersing female from Slough Creek Pack on the northern range of YNP- possibly the beginning of a new pack. B271’s story is amazing. B271’s father is highly likely R241M (who dispersed to ID from YNP; heli-darted 10/13/01 near Dome Mtn.). His mother is likely B189F (origin unknown). B271 was trapped in rubber-jawed McBride #7 by IDFG near the Steel Mt. pack den site (Lost Man Ck.; Boise NF) on 5/3/06. He was estimated as ~ 1 yr. old at that time; so if born in 2005 he belonged to a litter of 4-7 pups. He was aerially located 10 times prior to disappearing from ID following the 12/19/06 flight. His ear tags are both 413. Wow- the son returns to his father’s homeland.

See earlier story I wrote on this. A First. Idaho Wolf goes to Yellowstone Park, joins Sloughs. Nov. 16. 2007




  1. Lynne Stone Avatar
    Lynne Stone

    Now that the I.D. of the one Idaho wolf romancing a Slough Ck female is known (he’s B271 from the Steel Mt area), any update on the other Idaho male wolf in the park? He was mentioned in the Nov 16th comments on “Idaho Wolf goes to Yellowstone”.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Lynne, It was mistaken identity. It wasn’t B195, He turned out to be B271.

    There is just one Idaho wolf in the park and his father was a Yellowstone wolf that went to Idaho.

  3. Lynne Stone Avatar
    Lynne Stone

    Re. the Idaho wolves B195 and B271 and mistaken identity. There was some posting on the previous thread “Idaho wolf goes to Yellowstone” that indicated there were TWO collared Idaho wolves. Apparently not.

    So where do you suppose B195, the bobtail wolf missing from Idaho’s White Cloud Mountains since March 03 might be? His collar would be “expiring” soon. Hopefully he is alive and well and not deep-sixed by lobophobes.


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