It looks like the horrible 2005 Bush rule governing forest management is a relic of the past. Monday, the government filed a motion to dismiss its appeal of a court decision striking down the Bush rule.

Bush Administration Abandons Effort to Undercut National Forest Protections

In memoriam:

Bush Administration tries again with new Forest Service regulations

Court victory over Bush forest planning rules causes halt in Shoshone National Forest plan

Federal judge tosses out new [Bush] rules governing national forests

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3 Responses to Bush Administration Abandons Effort to Undercut National Forest Protections

  1. Robert Hoskins says:


    We shouldn’t be so happy about this. The 2005 Rule was merely reconstituted into the 2007 rule with an accompanying EIS to meet the terms of the ruling of the Federal District Court in California; the lawsuit was a NEPA case. The USFS, and the evil Mark Rey, still intend to put a timber friendly planning rule into place.

    Once the FS issues the new rule, we can expect another lawsuit from Earthjustice; hopefully, this time the lawsuit will address substantive issues, such as violation of NFMA.


  2. Brian Ertz says:


    doesn’t mark rey have something better to do with his time ?

    like avoid jail time

  3. Robert Hoskins says:

    Friends in the USFS tell me the EIS massaged rule will be published either next month or in March.

    Rey has avoided jail so far; lucky him, unlucky us.



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