Recovering From Wyoming’s Energy Bender.

This is an op-ed piece in the New York Times giving some uncomfortable truths about Wyoming (uncomfortable to those who believe the official mythology).

Recovering From Wyoming’s Energy Bender. By Alexandra Fuller (Wilson, Wyoming). New York Times.


  1. Rick Hammel Avatar
    Rick Hammel

    Ms Fuller tells it like it is. However, she didn’t say whether Terry Tempest Williams has been fired.

    A few years ago, the O&G industry tried to influence a group that I belonged to in NW Colorado. They were so frustrated by their lack of progress that they withdrew from the group and convinced others to do so also. Now the group is pretty much defunct.


  2. jimbob Avatar

    What a great article. People in other states better take notice. Energy idustries have invaded our national politics as well and the evidence is overwhelming that it will only get worse unless people wake up! Wyoming is just the worst because the state gov has it’s nose so far up the energy industries’ asses (apology for the analogy, but that is what it is) that they can’t see or smell anything else! The federal government, since it is so much larger, seems more watered down in it’s influence–or does it? See the Iraq war for comparison.

  3. jimbob Avatar

    By the way, anybody who is interested. I can’t take credit for this idea because I heard it somewhere else, but start a grassroots campaign to build a NASA-like government agency to come up with clean alternative energy. Pressure politicians to get it done now! If you want to see oil prices go down, announce this government agency. The investors will bail which will drop oil prices, while investors will flock to the alternative energy sectors giving new capital to the effort. Terrorist states, which thrive on oil revenue would lose their power, so it would fight terrorism, also. Say goodbye to Iraq and Afghanistan today and invest that money into our new agency. Since the oil companies own our government representatives it would be interesting to watch them squirm and deny that this could be done. We put men on the moon for cripes sake. You don’t think our scientists could come up with alternative energies? Give them the means and desire to do it and it will get done!

  4. MItoWYman Avatar

    You right JB but I think the term you may have been looking for is a “Manhattan project” type of government focus on discovering alternative energy sources.


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