Wyoming’s Elk feedlots were kept open a month longer than usual. Managers of the National Elk Refuge are looking to expand the hunt and irrigate the feedlot saying that doing so will disperse the animals, reducing the disease potential. No mention of natural predators or preservation/restoration of the herds’ natural winter range.

Alfalfa pellets.

Winter feeding on elk refuge exceeds historical average

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2 Responses to Wyoming Elk Feedlots kept open a month longer than average

  1. Robert Hoskins says:

    And, since the State of Wyoming and Wyoming’s livestock industry opposes expansion of elk habitat, since that would cut cattle AUMs, we won’t see any mention of it either.

    The only solution to the feedground problem is legal. Believe you me, we’re working on it.

  2. steve c says:

    Wouldnt be surprised if this wasnt done to increase wolf killing opportunities near feedlots until the lawsuit is resolved…



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