IDFG to hold public meeting on wolf hunt in Boise

After initially denying Boise a public meeting, instead opting for a meeting in Nampa, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has had a change of heart and will be soliciting public input in Boise.

No word as to whether a meeting will be held in Blaine County.

This has been enough of a problem to mention about the Department. Initial notice of public opportunity for input reserving locations to areas of the state hostile to wolves while avoiding communities concerned about the direction of state management. The change of heart follows wolf advocates’ formal complaint.

News Release Following:

News Release
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
600 South Walnut
P.O. Box 25
Boise, ID 83707-0025

“To Preserve, Protect, Perpetuate and Manage”

Contact: Niels Nokkentved 208-334-3746
For Immediate Release

Fish and Game Seeks Comments on Wolf Hunting Rules

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking public comments on proposed 2008 wolf hunting seasons and rules, and has set a series of public open house meetings around the state.

Fish and Game has added an open house in Boise from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday, May 19, in the Trophy Room at Fish and Game headquarters, 600 South Walnut.

The proposed seasons and rules are available for review at all Fish and Game offices and on the Fish and Game Website at: Fish and Game recommendations call for a total mortality limit of 328 wolves in 2008, which includes all reported wolf kills – from natural causes, accidents, wolf predation control actions and hunter kills. The limit, if reached, would result in an estimated end-of-year population of 550-600 wolves.

The Idaho Wolf Population Management Plan – approved by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission in March – calls for managing wolves at a population level of between 500-700 for the first five years following the delisting that took effect March 28.

The commission is scheduled to consider the recommended wolf hunting rules and seasons during the May 21-22 meeting at the Jerome Fish and Game office. Season and rules brochures should be available in July.








  1. Jon Way Avatar

    It really is a shame that state fish and game dept have blatantly pro-hunting red-neck like mentalities. It is amazing that a formal complaint has to be registered for this meeting to take place.
    In Mass., during summer 1997, the vast majority of people from what I heard at public venues opposed an extension to eastern coyote hunting. Of course, it went through nevertheless, as it was obviously pre-determined to cater to the fraction of the people that hunt coyotes (and on top of that only 1% of the public hunts in MA)…
    This is a problem nationwide, it is just that wolf advocates speak up more than other env. groups…

  2. Lynne Stone Avatar
    Lynne Stone

    I’m on the IDFG news release list and have not received word of this additional meeting in Boise. Am wondering if this means the comment period on the wolf hunting regs and season will be extended slightly. Comments were supposed to be by Friday, May 16. Then the following week, May 21 and 22, the IDFG Commissioners will meet in Twin Falls to announce their final wolf hunting plan. There is an opportunity for the public to speak at the Commissioners meeting on the evening of May 21.

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