Blaine county committs to non-lethal predator management projects

Good News ! With the rest of the state of Idaho focused primarily on lethal measures of ‘control’ for wolves, Blaine County has decided to take initiative and work with federal managers who have proposed to study the success of non-lethal methods of reducing conflict between wolves and livestock – the county is going so far as to contribute local dollars to the projects !

Could Wolf Management Plan Become a Model ? Idaho Mountain Express

As engaged as the Blaine County community has been with wolves, especially with as many wolves in the area, it remains a shame that the IDFG has chosen not to scheduled a public forum with which to gather face to face input on the impending wolf hunt rules.



  1. Wendy Avatar

    How refreshing! I wonder if there is a way for folks
    outside of Idaho to contribute to such a program?
    I would be happy to support such a far-sighted and
    rational program, both vocally and financially, if someone
    can confirm where to send a check.

  2. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    One wonders though, considering not only the threat of domestic livestock operations to wolf conservation, but also the disease threat from domestic sheep to wild bighorn sheep, whether this program goes far enough.

  3. Brian Ertz Avatar

    I think that Robert is obviously correct. the problem is the extent to which local politics has leverage in that regard.

    they’re going to turn out those domestic sheep right on top of the wolves later in the season. it will be interesting to see whether the livestock can stay out of trouble.

  4. Salle Avatar

    Three cheers for Rick Williamson, the only WS agent for whom I have any positive regard.

    If anyone wants to contribute to this, I suggest that you do it through Defenders of Wildlife and specify that your donation is a contribution to this project. They will have to use the funds for that purpose only if you specify how it is to be used.

    I do see the problem as livestock in the way wildlife health and well-being too.

    But, another thing i want to add…

    Wolf Recovery Foundation honored Mr. Williamson with its Alpha Award this year for his development of non-lethal wolf management tools and techniques.

    As I said in the Y-Pole thread, few WS agents are willing or capable of this type of work interest. AND I didn’t say that Dr. Johnson invented anything, I said he developed or helped develop tools and techniques, including the Y-Ploe concept. He does offer training in the proper use of these tools. (I added this merely for those who actually read the articles/posts before commenting sans the knowledge gained from doing so.)

    And yes, I am biased by the events of recent history concerning WS’s lack of regard for wildlife safety and well-being.

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