Ticks, starvation – lots of things kill ungulates in Idaho :

Biologists track carcases in  E. Idaho riverThe Olympian

It will be interesting to see whether any anti-predator group sends out an alert about the vicious ticks devastating game species in Idaho.  Perhaps we’ll see some grandstanding about the need to control the hard winter at the next commissioner meeting ?

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5 Responses to Many things contribute to big game deaths

  1. TCWriter says:

    Presumably, we’ll hear about the fair-chase glory of chasing ticks for 35 miles on a snowmobile before shooting the things, and what a marvelous achievement that is for sport.

    Then again, since ticks aren’t much fun to shoot with a 7mm mag, maybe not.

  2. Brian Ertz says:

    who says ticks aren’t fun to shoot with a 7mm mag ?

  3. Buffaloed says:

    The last tick I killed got cut in half with my fly tying scissors.

    I guess I don’t honor all kinds of wildlife. Does that make me bad?

  4. Catbestland says:


    If not honoring ticks makes you bad, the same goes for me. I’m sure there is some purpose for them but I can’t stand them. When I was a kid in the south, there were so many ticks they would literally suck ALL the blood out of some dogs. There could actually be hundreds on a dog before you even knew it. That was before there was much you could do about the problem and when farmers really didn’t take care of their dogs as most people do now. We used to pick them off the dogs and put them on a paper plate and set it on fire. It was the only way you could kill them.

  5. vicki says:

    maybe ticks have a purpose, who knows. atleast mosquitos make good food for fish.
    Do chimps eat ticks? or just fleas?



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