The Government Accountability Office released a report finding that politicization of endangered species decisions within the government is more widespread than Julie MacDonald. Press Release Center for Biological Diversity:

The report concluded that six of the eight species that have been delisted under the Bush administration had not met goals established in their recovery plan and that the Fish and Wildlife Service was not responding to petitions to protect new species in a timely manner.

the report investigated a policy put forth by MacDonald that when reviewing petitions to list new species as endangered under the ESA, Interior should only consider information from their files that refutes claims in a petition, not supports them.

Sadly, this is hardly news ~ but the GAO report gives a stark account and emboldened legitimacy to conservationist’s account of the depth of the politicization of this administration’s Department.

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4 Responses to GAO Finds Illegal Political Interference in Endangered Species Decisions Is Widespread

  1. Seriously, is there anything that this administration has done that IS constitutional?

  2. Mike says:

    What a surprise, lol.

  3. Jon Way says:

    Georgie claims to go church so that makes up for his many sins (and others claim that he is an ethical person)…

  4. dave smith says:

    Throughout the delisting process for Yellowstone grizzlies, US Fish & Wildlife Service grizzly bear recovery coordinator Chris Servheen assured the public it was about science, not politics, and that all recovery goals had been met. Wrong, says the GAO. Will Servheen be held accountable for his actions?



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