WildEarth Guardians files Emergency Petition to list 32 species

WildEarth Guardians continues its actions to protect species en masse in filing an Emergency Petition to list 32 of the most imperiled species among the nearly 700 for which the groups has filed suit to protect already.

Bid aims to protect 32 speciesChicago Tribune






  1. jane hedges Avatar
    jane hedges

    We are desperately seeking to save the Mitchel’s satyre butterfly in northeastern Indiana. Its habitat is a fenn that would probably be ruined if the Too Tail Dairy is allowed to locate there. We are presently suing,but we are not as powerful as the Vbreba Hoff Co out of the Netherlands. Our group is called Hoosiers for Sustainable Agriculture. Please help us if you can

  2. Heather Avatar

    Keep up the good work, Wildlife Guardians.

  3. Nathan Hobbs Avatar

    Are the Yellowstone Bison on that list?

  4. Brian Ertz Avatar


    no, the Yellowstone Bison are not on the list.

    It’s pretty neat though – It’s good to see such effort behind listing species that are not necessarily “charismatic” (I hate that characterization). It will be interesting to see what happens.

  5. dbaileyhill Avatar

    My guess is that if the list did include bison, the petition would not get a second look.

    I hope the petition makes some progress as it may open the door to going forward once again, and gaining the precious ground that was lost as a result of the bush admin.

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Brian Ertz