The back and forth over Clinton’s Roadless Rule continues.

U.S. Judge in Wyoming Rules Against Ban on Forest RoadsNY Times

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4 Responses to U.S. Judge in Wyoming Rules Against Ban on Forest Roads

  1. Mike says:

    Judge Brimmer owns stock in Wyoming resource extraction, and should be recused from the case. But he doesn’t have any dignity.

    He should be embarrassed.

  2. Brian Ertz says:

    This is why there is a Court of Appeals.

    It’s interesting that the judge would be willing to chastise a colleague like that.

  3. TPageCO says:

    DOes anybody know what his reasons to overturn were? The NYT mentions NEPA and something else, while our local paper, Idaho Mountain Express, indicated that the Judge cited the creation of de facto wilderness areas, which can only be declared by Congress. This last bit doesn’t sound right, as there’s a lot more to the Wilderness Act than road prohibitions. Any clarification would be helpful.

  4. bh says:

    Brimmer is basically senile (seriously) He is rabidly antienvironmentalist. I wouldn’t expect his decisions to make any sense nor his behaviour to be appropriate. The only sensible thing he did was announce his retirement, but even at age 85 he can’t help taking on new environmental cases just for the sake of being able to rule against environmentalists.


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