Climate change to fuel wildfires in West

Seems pretty intuitive to me :

Report: Climate change to fuel wildfires in







  1. kt Avatar

    I’m kinda suspicious that the range and land grant folks and some others may be trying to set the stage for “triage” and landscape manipulation. We’ll see.

    And here is a NY Times article about climate:

    In this article, I am struck by a simple concept from Forestry 101 that I had forgotten – self-thinning. One of the main “sins” of junipers and pinyon 100-200 according to the Univ of Nevada Reno “range” types is that they are claimed to be too dense. Duh — they are trees. Leave ’em alone and they are likely to self-thin.

    if we try to intervene and manipulate this all – it will be guaranteed to be a disaster.


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