Wyoming 'left in the dark' concerning federal reversal on delisting

Wyoming governor Fruedenthal doesn’t know what to think of the federal government’s reversal on wolf delisting.

Wolf decision surprised FruedenthalCasper Star-Tribune:

“It’s difficult to work in a partnership with a federal government who can change directions as quickly as these folks do. And particularly when they don’t tell you,” Freudenthal said. “There’s clearly a signal that they’ve changed directions. As to the new direction, as to what that direction is, we don’t know We don’t know why they’re doing it.”

The governor said there’s “clearly smoke in the air,” but he hasn’t been able to find the fire yet.

Stop, drop, and roll Governor.






  1. Bob Caesar Avatar
    Bob Caesar

    Dear Gov. Dave
    Get over it. Your “kill ’em on site” boys drove the Feds back into the woods on this one! Wyoming came up with the most outrageous, inhumane, unreasonable, even uncivilized “plan” and there is no one to blame but ourselves!

    You might try considering the science rather than the “good Ole Boys” around the card table in Cheyenne…

  2. chuck parker Avatar
    chuck parker

    Is it fair to say that it doesn’t matter if the feds keep Wyoming in the loop since Wyoming is in the dark on wolves. The stone age. The feds ought to send Wyoming 2008 calendars so they know what century it is.

  3. JB Avatar

    Wyoming was in the dark to begin with–the level of contempt for wolves inherent in their “management plan” makes that much clear. Reminds me of a bumper sticker I used to see often in Salt Lake City that said “Welcome to Utah! Set your clock back 50 years.” Same goes for Wyoming.

  4. Barb Avatar

    They say the Republic of Boulder — I think it’s more the Republic of Wyoming.

  5. John Avatar

    The Wyoming Board of Game did not display an ability to learn from the mistakes of the past, they failed to recognise the importance of a keystone element to the ecosystem and reverted to outdated unscientific methods and therefore deserved this major slap on the wrist.

  6. Barb Avatar

    I think they are making their state look very radical and foolish by their hostility toward wolves — most Americans are very supportive of the idea — Although I love the Tetons and Yellowstone area, Wyoming politicians seem stuck in the 19th century, giving the image of angry white guys driving around in pick ups (no offense) looking for wolves or coyotes to shoot for fun. Not a great image!

  7. Bob Caesar Avatar
    Bob Caesar

    Whoops – did I say” Shoot on site”? Of course it is “shoot on sight…”


  8. chuck parker Avatar
    chuck parker

    Barb–Wyoming ain’t just about white guys in pickups looking for coyotes and wolves to kil for funl. Matthew Sheppard.

  9. Barb Avatar

    I saw the movie about Matthew Shepherd. It was good. Such a sad, sad story. There seems to be “2 Wyomings” — the hip, Yellowstone-Teton Jackson Hole area — and the red-neck wolf hating/coyote hunting one. Is my perception accurate?

  10. Bob Caesar Avatar
    Bob Caesar

    Barb – 98% of Wyomingites are hard working, honest, family oriented folks. In other words -just plain good people. Good people? Well, mostly. Like any place else there are a few bubbas, and idiots, or idiot bubbas. Wyoming does have its share.

    The history of white people in Wyoming is one of “extraction”. Be it animal, vegetable or mineral. Wood, grass (cattle & sheep), oil, gas, gold, wildlife, trout, yada, yada. The prevailing attitude is that God put all these things here for us folks! All these things are here for the benefit of us higher beings. We have a God given right to “extract” any and everything we can. Our resources seem unlimited! To NOT extract for our own use is an insult to the creator.

    Predators unfortunately, compete with humans for some of these natural resources…and thus, must not be allowed to exist.

    Still Wyoming has mostly good people – in fact the best!

  11. Barb Avatar

    Bob, thanks for the inside view. Obviously didn’t mean to insult all the good folks in Wyoming. I know there are good ones — very self-sufficient, hard working. It’s just that the “other” ones are so vocal about their wolf hatred.

    The logic, though, of ther paragraph before the last doesn’t rhyme with the rest of your posting — God, in all his goodness, 🙂 would not create something that is meant to just be an annoyance/ competition to humans for humans to “exterminate.” That goes against the thinking that God created all things great and does not make mistakes. I don’t think he created predators for humans just to kill them. But I think you meant it to explain how the “others” think

    “Extraction” goes completely against the tide of America as it is more 1908 than 2008. It seems almost greedy/uncaring/ignorant when resources are finite and populations continue to increase. I know WY still has a lot of space — too bad more WY’ites won’t leave more of that room for wolves as that was their home for thousands of years.

    I understand the point of view though man and predator can live together — Native Americans never had a problem with it.

  12. atlas Avatar

    that’s right Native Americans never had a problem with men and predators living together . But now we have people driving around looking for wolves and coyotes to shoot. People who want kill kill and kill are probably are one of the stupidest groups of people on earth. I live in Scotland and look at the animals killed to extinction in the U.K. brown bears wolves lynxes beavers and wild boar. Wyoming Idaho and Montana might be having a little trouble with their wolf population but they have made great progress since 1996 . What I’d like to see now is at least 6 breeding pairs in each state Utah Colorado Oregon Washington North Dakota South Dakota and then a better wolf population in New Mexico and Arizona. I’m really asking a lot but it could could happen over then next 30 years with good conservation.

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