Utah downgrades its oil-shale estimates

There’s less oil-shale in Utah than they thought – still a lot, but that doesn’t mean much, it’s not a viable energy option taking more energy to bring to market than it contributes to the market.

Utah downgrades its oil-shale estimatesSalt Lake Tribute







  1. Salle Avatar

    Not only is there far less than was “guestimated” in the 1960’s (yikes), it would have to sell for $200 a barrel to make it viable on the market. Think diesel is too high now?

    And here, in 2008, there still isn’t appropriate technology to render it at any cost. What a ruse.

  2. TimothyB Avatar

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_shale or
    Estonia and China have well-established oil shale industries, and Brazil, Germany, Israel and Russia also utilize oil shale.

    I didn’t read the whole article above but thought it might be an interesting read.

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