Wyoming wolf-management window dressing

Scurrying to make the deadline of the hasty second delisting of wolves,  Wyoming changes the window dressings on its state wolf management plan:

Wyoming wrapping up work on new wolf planBillings Gazette

Changes include shortening some reporting requirements for those who kill wolves and further defining “damage to private property” and “chronic wolf depredation.”

The plan also clarifies Wyoming’s goal of maintaining at least 15 breeding pairs of wolves and 150 individual wolves in the northwest corner of the state, including in Yellowstone National Park.

Changes also restrict the state’s ability to alter the boundaries defining where wolves may be shot as predators and where they are protected as trophy game.



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  1. John d. Avatar
    John d.

    Swing and a miss for Wyoming, seriously who can buy this reckless plan? Shoot on sight… there’s the flaw.

  2. Barb Avatar

    I seriously wonder about the mentality of people who hate wolves so much and cannot see that they are just wild animals trying to survive in a very hostile world. I think it’s a type of brain damage.

  3. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    It’s politics folks. Quit worrying. Doesn’t amount to much.


  4. kim kaiser Avatar
    kim kaiser

    JOhn D says

    “Swing and a miss for Wyoming, seriously who can buy this reckless plan? Shoot on sight… there’s the flaw.”

    Do i hear ……..Salazar in a Cowboy hat!!!! who put HIM there?

  5. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears


    I have to agree 100%, I remember the conversations about 2 months ago and ANYBODY that said look, read and listen, told people to go to hell, they voted for him and now we ALL have to see what happens over the next 4 years…

  6. kim kaiser Avatar
    kim kaiser

    please read this, from a aritcle a couple a months back on m44 poisoing,, you can search ralphs site under salazar, and the topic is citizen prompts poisoning review or there abouts, but here is a quick snippet,++++++++++++++the last paragraph included is a real doozie

    Use of the pesticides “is highly target-specific, in limited applications, and in compliance with the regulations of the EPA and local jurisdictions,” Salazar wrote in a letter urging colleagues to defeat DeFazio’s bill.

    Without effective tools to protect them from predators, livestock losses from coyotes and other wildlife could be two to three times higher than current levels — estimated at $16.3 million per year in the sheep industry and $51 million in cattle losses, according to the Colorado Wool Growers Association, which represents the state’s 1,600 sheep farms and ranches.

    “Regardless of the size of operation, each sheep farm or ranch needs protection against predators, and many operations rely on the assistance and expertise” provided by the Wildlife Services agency, the group said in a letter opposing the ban.

    Salazar encouraged colleagues to “stand up for the thousands of livestock producers in our country who provide the world’s most abundant food supply and oppose this legislation.”

    at least with bush,,you knew who the enemy was and you could tailor your fight,,with this clown, he is smooth talking on one side and knifing you on the other,,,

  7. JB Avatar

    “at least with bush,,you knew who the enemy was and you could tailor your fight,,with this clown, he is smooth talking on one side and knifing you on the other,,,”

    (1) The Obama Administration has not yet taken power; thus, we have yet to see how things will be.

    (2) The alternative team was comprised of a man whose best example of pork was a grizzly bear population study and a woman who argued for the aerial slaughter of wolves and bears.

  8. vickif Avatar

    Yes, we will have to see what happens, but no doubt we will be able to rest knowing women will still get to choose what happenes to their bodies, there will be some rest for the ANWR, the rest of the world has already begun to hate us less, and Bush is no longer leading-even vicariously through his friends.

    I am not going to tell you that Obama is a saint, he is merely human like the rest of us here (Though he seems far less hateful than some people posting). What I will tell you is that the “I told you so” argument is a whole lot premature when you are weighing it all on choices that are not even in effect yet.

    How many scientists was it that Bush appointed into his cabinet and administration? How much science was or would have been excercised by McCain/Palin in their endeavors to drill?

    It is far too late to debate who the better candidate is….it might be better to save the ‘I told you so’ lines until you see everyone posting how they wish they could take their vote back. . No matter how disillusioned we may be with one choice Obama has made so far, I haven’t heard anyone saying “I regret not voting McCain”

  9. JimT Avatar

    Keep your fingers crossed that Jamie Clark is asked to come back and head up USFWS…..

  10. kim kaiser Avatar
    kim kaiser

    your in denial about a poor decision,,,,here are a few comments that shows the glee from this forum, you dont have to take my word,

    kt Says:
    December 17, 2008 at 11:35 am
    Oh. How awful. Obama either has no clue, or finds it politically expedient to have no clue – Which is what I am more and more thinking is the case, about the environmental toll and environmental destruction caused by 20,000 welfare ranchers in the entire West. Does he really have no idea how much damage each of these big-hatted increasingly corporate (and often now Frontmen for the real ranch permit owners – the land speculators, hobby ranchers, gold mines, SNWA/Las Vegas, etc.) Cattlemen do?

    Is Obama going to try to use ranchers as Coverboys to promote cutting public lands deals on energy. If this is going to be about All energy, all the time – I wonder. The foreign-owned Big Wind companies like RES UK gush to ranchers about how wind turbines and cows go so splendidly on mountain tops on BLM public lands.

    Look at how NV voted – wasn’t it Obama won by a 13% margin over McCain? Well, there are only 500 (and by the time I write this as Vegas or the mines buys out more of the permits) likely fewer public lands ranchers in the entire state -perhaps 2 of whom cast votes for Obama. He is licking their boots, and there must be reason for it.”

    One more

    Mike Says:
    December 17, 2008 at 4:51 am
    Coincidence that the Ag post goes to a guy with a big political machine in Iowa which launched Obama’s primary run? Coincidence that The Dept of Interior post goes to a guy with a big political machine in a state that got Obama elected?

    So far, Obama’s public lands appointments don’t look like anything that the “good ole boys” club wouldn’t do.

    So much for change.”

    Looks like Mike is beginning to get the big picture about politics, money, favors in his disgust.

    couldnt resist,, one more happy camper

    jimbob Says:
    December 17, 2008 at 9:08 am
    I think Mike called it—see his post above. CAN I TAKE MY VOTE BACK? I will in four years…..

    whats worse,, you know it already and dreading the fight you never thought you would have to have over the next four years, that wolves, bears and public land will suffer and he hasnt even gotten in there, , dont have to take it from me, go read that entire article on the poisons that I linked to and you will feel a whole lot worse than you do now. In fact, go back and read the last half a dozen post on this blog referring to salazar, appointments, enviroment issues related to hussein. Lot of unhappy campers here!! these are your fellow contributors, not me saying it,,

    i dont mind telling you told you so, i told you so BEFORE you put him in there,,,

    good luck with hussein, salazar and all the others, i suspect more lessons on how hussein likes to “nuance” a term that the media like to use in his speech making (that is, carefully word his comments so as not to make a commitment) his comments as to what i said vs. what i do is coming soon,

    re read the article i linked to. read the whole thing, and you will be even more disheartened, and i do feel for you on that, I too hoped for relief, but, I knew better than to count on him.

  11. Jay Avatar

    Wrong Salazar, “Kaiser”–you can’t tell the difference between John and Ken? Two seconds on google and you’d see they’re two different people. I thought you said you weren’t going to post here anymore…guess you’re not a man/woman of your word.

    –nice to see you’re still fixated on your childish use of Mr. Obama’s middle name as a sad attempt to denigrate the man.

  12. vickif Avatar

    ya know guy, I support your right to have an opinion, but you use so much energy hating one person. did it ever occur to you to focus on what you can do instead of wasting all your energy trying to convince people you are right to be so hateful?

    For a while now I have been wondering what happend to that guy who spoke, almost in a poetic way, about helping bison. lately all you do is focus attention on your hate of Obama. it sheds a very negative light on you, as people only see that one side of you. I know, and have seen, how much heart you have, and how you would be a positive influence on people, when you focus your attentions on impacting positive changes, like you have done with bison.

    I miss that Kim’s in put, but hateful Kim….not so much.

  13. Salle Avatar


    That very though crossed my mind this morning…

    I like her. Every time I talk to her, she has very sound, informed comments and replies to my questions.

    I think what I would like to see is both Jamie Clark AND Gloria Flora back in position in the agencies.

    I’ve never had a chance to talk with Ms. Flora but I do know she got railroaded. And that I liked her while she was in office.

    I think both of them are awesome as public servants.

  14. Cris Waller Avatar
    Cris Waller


    Just to be clear- the article you posted, although depressing indeed, is about John Salazar, not Ken Salazar. It can be found here:

    It does make me glad John Salazar isn’t heading up USDA though.

  15. Cris Waller Avatar
    Cris Waller


    “Keep your fingers crossed that Jamie Clark is asked to come back and head up USFWS…..”

    Do we have any indication that that is a possibility? I have a friend who is a FWS biologist,,,such news would probably make him happy indeed.

  16. Barb Avatar

    I think Obama may be “trying to please everyone” and is going to end up pleasing NO ONE in the process.

    I voted for him but he’s already shown his hypocrisy as he sends his own daughters to private schools but doesn’t believe in VOUCHERS for the rest of the people who are “stuck” with bad schools. When asked, he said, “Chicago schools aren’t as good as they should be.”

    Well, then FIX THEM or ALLOW VOUCHERS!

    i guess too bad for Chicago residents with school aged kids who can’t afford better schools…… typical ELITIST.

  17. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears


    I understand your frustration, but have to ask, what does school vouchers have to do with Wyoming’s flawed wolf plan?

  18. Barb Avatar

    Nothing. 🙂

  19. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears



  20. Don Riley Avatar
    Don Riley

    John & Ken Salazar are brothers from southern Colorado. Their family owns a large ranch (sheep & cows) which was established in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado prior to Colorado’s statehood. They are smart, Hispanic in a state which in all likelihood will have a Hispanic majority by the 2016 elections, they legislate from the left of center, are respected by their peers and will be around a long time.
    Remember, Colorado turned out the likes of Gale Norton for people like the Salazars.

    I believe Grivalva is correct in believing he was too far left for the appointment. Obama understands the American people are tired of far left and/or far right governance and I believe he believes that the future of this country is with the youth of the country, who appear to feel the same way.

    I do not happen to be a part of that youth but am thank full for it.

    It is going to be interesting to see how Salazar deals with a National constituency, weather he manages or dictates, and who he appoints to actually direct the work of Interior as well as who leaves the BLM, FWS…. Never the less, I would not change my vote at this point even though I know I am not going to agree with some, maybe much of what his department does. We are starting anew much further down the road than would have been the case with Mr. Mcain. I await the future with cautiously baited breath, a lot less cynicism, anger and a touch of hope. It is, after all, politics.

  21. JimT Avatar

    Gloria is a wonderful, thoughtful, funny, talented, dedicated woman who got the short end of the stick for doing her job according to the laws and regulations on the books. I have gotten to chat with her at some functions, and she would be great. The question would be is she focused now on her own public interest activities to go back to an agency that would be less than welcoming to her?

    Jamie Clark..more of the same. Very talented, dedicated woman. I can’t imagine what it is like to be her and watch an agency and a conservation agenda you have given your life and your heart to driven to the level of corruption and ineptness it now occupies thanks to Norton and her successors. She would be the right choice on qualifications and experience. The question is—-is she..and Gloria.. the political choice that fits the straddle the fence approach that Obama is forging in the Western management departments?

    I wonder who Salazar will get to run BLM? My guess is a prominent member of a cattlemen’s association…just what those damaged lands need.

  22. JimT Avatar

    No, I don’t know that Jamie has been talked to by the transition team. But, if it were ME..and I was looking for a steady, experienced hand to right the ship at USFWS…she would be the first person I would call to gauge her interest. What I don’t know if how the transition team for the environment is viewing potential candidates with activist credentials, and Jamie has been very high up in Defenders for quite awhile now. If Grijalva is right in his assertion that he was too far left..meaning he believed in laws and regulations on the books being enforced…that same illogic may apply to these agency appointments.

    I am glad to read that your biologist friend would be happy. Imagine what an Interior Department run on the basis of science and the rule of law would look like to the front level staff who are doing the lion’s share of the work. It would be heaven compared to the hell the folks at USFWS, BLM, NPS, have been going through these last 8 years. Tell him to keep his fingers crossed.

  23. JB Avatar

    “…he’s already shown his hypocrisy as he sends his own daughters to private schools but doesn’t believe in VOUCHERS for the rest of the people who are “stuck” with bad schools. When asked, he said, ‘Chicago schools aren’t as good as they should be’…Well, then FIX THEM or ALLOW VOUCHERS!

    Barb: I don’t really want to engage in this discussion, but you should consider that elementary and secondary education is the responsibility of the state, not federal government. That is, decisions are made by the Governor and state legislature, so Obama does not–and has not– had a say in the matter.

    I can’t speak for Obama, but many of us involved in public education believe the failure of schools is due to chronic underfunding from states. When I lived in California, for example, many elementary school teachers salaries would not even cover rent in the poorest of neighborhoods. If you want quality teachers, and quality education, then you have to pay for it. But Americans think they should get to have their cake (i.e. great education system) and eat it too (i.e. they shouldn’t have to pay for it).

  24. Barb Avatar


    Yes, wrong area to discuss, but the fact that Obama said he “would not support” vouchers says all I need to know about him and that subject. Again, it’s “elitism.”

  25. JB Avatar


    I don’t believe in vouchers either, and I don’t consider myself an elitist. In fact, I believe a voucher system is more likely to perpetuate class segregation than our current system. Here’s how: in a voucher system, each student is allowed to take his/her portion of the govts. contribution and use it to pay for whatever school s/he likes. The likely outcome of this type of system is the bifurcation of schools into two types (1) those that require only the amount of the voucher (i.e. schools for low income people) and (2) those that require the voucher plus additional tuition (i.e. schools for people with means). Such a system does nothing to fix the fundamental problem with schools: inadequate funding. The public schools stink because most people don’t want to pay (in the form of higher taxes) for good schools. Vouchers won’t fix this.

    If you want to label Obama an elitist, that’s fine; but please find better cause than his lack of support for the voucher system.

  26. JimT Avatar

    Can someone please define “elitism”? Striving for excellence in all things? Arrogance? One’s s**t not stinking? Maybe if folks agree on a definition a discussion can be had. I always thought striving to be elite was a good thing, the mark of achievement…I know the Republicans during the campaign regarded it as a five letter word, but they were trying to start a culture war because on substantive issues, the party had bupkus.

    With regard to the schools and Obama’s choice…while Amy Carter went to public school…if memory serves…and she ended up doing quite well, I don’t begrudge any parent the right to choose a school he or she thinks is the best for their child, Obama or JQP. The school the Obamas chose also is used to having high profile children there who require protection and is probably better able to make sure the classroom is not disrupted for the rest of the children by the security. The greatest thing Obama could do for the DC schools is to finally see to it they get statehood and the right to manage their own affairs instead of being a ward of Congress.

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