January 2, 2009

  • Latest Idaho wolf report is entirely short of site specific information- There are some interesting figures on numbers of livestock and wolves killed . . . an unnecessary number of both in my opinion. It should also be noted 2 dead head of livestock, 7 wolves killed by Wildlife Services. Ralph Maughan IDAHO WOLF MANAGEMENT…

  • Some good results on US 30 in Southwestern Wyoming- Webcams show deer quickly using new underpasses– By Jeff Gearino. Casper Star Tribune. Southwest Wyoming bureau. Over 800 deer have already used the underpasses. Other animals too.

  • Will Obama act quickly to overturn Bush’s midnight regulations or replace them slowly with “deliberation?” Obama will face Bush legacy on environment. By Jim Tankersley. Washington Bureau

  • Montana voters will not have to pay for their wise defense of the public interest- Compensation for game farms denied. Associated Press. Great Falls Tribune Staff. I wish someone organize Idaho voters to tackle elk farm issue. Some fat ass comes in and plugs an elk up against a fence goes home with his tales…

  • Univ. of Utah Student Tim DeChristopher could receive enough money to pay holding fees on leases he won in bid- DeChristopher hopes to run out the clock By Patty Henetz. The Salt Lake Tribune

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