Univ. of Utah Student Tim DeChristopher could receive enough money to pay holding fees on leases he won in bid-

DeChristopher hopes to run out the clock

By Patty Henetz. The Salt Lake Tribune

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4 Responses to Land auction monkeywrencher has a new plan

  1. I see the Tribune story now has live links to DeChristoper’s web sites.

    I think almost everyone (except maybe the grumpy Deseret News) likes someone who was brave and stood up to the oil speculators and the corrupt Bush Department of Interior folks.

  2. Salle says:

    I am glad it’s turning out in his favor.

  3. jimbob says:

    It seems hypocritical and illogical that criminal charges would be brought against this individual because he does not have the money. If a drilling company goes out of business and defaults on a lease are they subject to jail and fines? I doubt it. This is just another example of how little power we have as individuals in our system of government, especially under the Republicans who supposedly are “for less bureacracy”!

  4. Salle says:

    “…especially under the Republicans who supposedly are ‘for less bureaocracy’!”

    That’s because they have been successful in transforming this into a “corporatocracy” instead, right before our very eyes.

    “Corporate personhood” has to end, now.


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