Kempthorne for president?

The former Idaho governor’s name turns up in a blog, and his wife and spokesman don’t deny it.

Is Kempthorne planning a run for president?
Idaho Statesman

Now that Dirk Kempthorne is now the Former Secretary of Interior there is speculation that he may run for president in 2012.

It has been reported that Kempthorne gave a farewell speech to Interior employees where he presented a slide show with 600 photo’s of himself.

Can you imagine a ticket: Kempthorne/Palin?





  1. Salle Avatar

    What a nauseating thought. I’d rather NOT try to imagine it, I’d have to opt for citizenship in another country on another continent. Antacrtica perhaps.

  2. Layton Avatar

    That alone might be a reason to vote for Kempthorne. 8)

  3. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    The ex-secretary has at least 600 photos of himself. Ask him for an autographed copy. Maybe it will become a collectors item. 😉

  4. John d. Avatar
    John d.

    Kempthorn and Palin… what a dreadful thought.

  5. Jay Avatar

    Now there’s a winner of a ticket–it would be interesting to see who would win the battle for the hairdresser’s time, Dork or Sarah? “Are you getting my good side? How does my hair look? Let’s comb it again just to be sure…”

  6. Salle Avatar

    Not only would they be competing for the hairdresser’s/makeup artist’s time, it seems it would be a competition over who has the most favorable photographic portfolio… Policies would be subject to agreement with the best TV footage and “perks” providers, like wardrobe and free private jet travel options. Can you imagine how much taxpayers would have to pay for Sarah’s Alaska home time and moose hunting trips?

  7. outsider Avatar

    god Its like we’re back in junoir high with all this petty yap yap. So glad we’re spending valuable time talking about the hair of individuals that have no importance at the moment. Wouldn’t it be better to save this important discussion for at least 2 years when the pres cycle starts up again, or do you just miss trashing Palin so bad you just have to get a monthly fix. GROW UP PEOPLE

  8. kt Avatar

    ya know -that’s what people do on blogs.

    Seems to me like someone is throwing serious money at a PR campaign to try to wash the Bush poison off Dirk – the incessant Statesman drivel articles, and all the stroking media Kempthorne has been put in front of. This all did not just drop from the sky, or occur because any one here in Idaho thought Dirk was anyone special, or anything. Is therea Public Relations firm involved already?

    I find it quite interesting that the last thing Kempthorne did with the Bush Admin. was sign an Order to fast-track ‘Renewables” ripping up public lands. And the fact that the Armbinder Blog Post where the Dirk Kempthorne is running for President announcement was put out there – has been surrounded by Shell and “Renewables” messages over the past couple of days. Shell is into keeping a lock on energy prudction by going into huge wind farms on public lands that destroy sage-grouse habitat – like the Cotterell Mountain wind farm near Burley. I know some folks who had worked in agencies while the environmental review process was going on – Shell doing green energy was nasty, nasty, nasty and pushed environemntal concerns about sage-grouse aside, just like Shell doing Oil and Gas. They also ignored local residents that did not want it.

    So here’s some questions:

    Are the corporate Renewables folks and the umpteen new utility corridor crowd like Idaho Power and LLCs upon LLCs so you can’t tell WHO is really involved – paying Kempthorne back for his last-minute Order and various evildoing with environmental regs while he was at Interior – by helping hype up the media? Here is the link to the Armbinder site.

    Various blue and green touchy-feely “green” message bubbles float across the screen – then wait and it will flash to red and yellow Shells around the Post.

  9. kt Avatar

    Forgot to ask my second question:

    If my concerns are valid: Will we soon be seeing the Statesman festooned in little Shell or similar Logos – or some other form of advertising as “payback” in a failing market? I never see a Hard copy s don’t know what has been appearing there. Has underwriting of the various fora/programs Kempthorne appeared on helped smooth the way for Kempthorne to be on them?

    Again, there has just been too much buzz at a time when those participants with any sense leaving the downfall of the Bush Admin. have crept away, their only hope that memories will fade.

  10. Salle Avatar

    It seems, quite screamingly loud I might add, that Dirk is on a campaign to end all campaigns about how he is SO intent on serving the public good when in fact he is all about himself and the grandiosity of image he self-promotes. How else do you explain the 600 some odd slides of him posing in national parks at his pseudo employee party? If he had any sense, he’d be joining his fellow thieves under whatever rock they are slithering under right about now. He has never been an advocate of public service, he has always been an advocate of the private sector who supplies him with the perks.

  11. kt Avatar


    Yes, and more and more of how the media was manipulated, bought off, reporters fed us “planted” messages,, reporters had to spin things properly so their “access” would not be cut off – by the Republicans throughout the Bush years.

    Now during the financial crisis, advertising, underwriting, etc. funds may especially play a role in manipulating what messages get out, and where.

    Regarding those 600 slides, it seems to me now that the Kempthorne candidacy campaign bubble has been floated, we need to keep track of just where all those Rock Star photos may pop up down the line … Have taxpayers, essentially, footed a several million dollar travel-thon to pack the Dirk for Prez 2012 campaign media department with a War Chest of images of a younger, tanned Inferior (!) Secretary?

    Sounds like these images may be kinda like Palin’s wardrobe …


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