Idaho Fish & Game Inadvertently Catches Wolverine

Idaho Fish & Game Inadvertently Catches Wolverine.

A wolverine was captured in a recreational bobcat trap and was then given a transmitter and GPS collar.

It reminds me of this amazing journey in 2004:

Wolverine Takes A Road Trip: Scientists Track Male Animal Over A Three-state, 550-mile Walk-about

Science Daily 9-24-04






  1. Tilly Avatar

    I wish they could think of an alternative to putting collars on such wild animals. Wolverines are so rare and sensitive to human disturbance, it just seems wrong to put on a collar. What if it drives the animal insane? Has anyone ever done research on this?

  2. kt Avatar

    Then there is this storied wolverine — Socks of the Sawtooths.

    “But the most interesting findings, Copeland said, came from studies of an old male wolverine, which he named “Socks,” for the patch of white fur on one of his feet. Socks was trapped the second year of the study in the Challis National Forest.

    “He was an old, scarred-up male who was sort of the patriarch of the south end of the Frank Church Wilderness.”

    Socks took up with other wolverines at times.

    Ken- I think one of the wolverines in this Copeland study went on some fantastic and rapid journey, too – like Alturas to Salmon in a day or 2 in winter – but couldn’t find it just now.


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