Mysteries of Song Bird Migration Revealed

Tiny ‘Backpacks’ Yield New Data on Birds
Washington Post

One especially energetic purple martin, a member of the swallow family, flew 4,650 miles from its wintering grounds in Brazil to its breeding site in Pennsylvania in just 13 days.

Tracking Device Reveals Songbirds’ Travels

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2 Responses to Tiny 'Backpacks' Yield New Data on Birds

  1. Virginia says:

    This is a remarkable story and thank you for providing it to the bird-lovers on this blog! I would just like to know why the birds seem to have given up on visiting our feeders recently. It seemed as though we had flocks last winter and it has really dropped this year. Anyone else noticing the same thing?

  2. kt says:

    don’t know where you are Virginia, but maybe it is somewhat different weather patterns. it also depends what kind of birds – if there were a whole lot of house finches – they are subject to disease-related die-offs – and concentration at feeders may play a role. Other species may be affected, too.

    On a positive harbinger of spring note: There were red-winged blackbirds calling from a willow thicket on the Boise River in town yesterday. Mid-February is mighty early.

    ALSO – for any bird fanciers – I saw this yesterday – WHAT did they expect -building window sills out of styrofoam? Go acorn woodpeckers – and the landowners should just shut up!,0,2231757.story

    The picture is great. One wonders what other high quality building materials were used … besides a lot of glue or something.


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