Tamarack to close next week

West-central Idaho resort to close due to judges decision.

This resort was first conceived as Valbois then Westrock, and now Tamarack. From the beginning people questioned whether there was funding to back up the plans.

At the time it was being proposed Governor, and now former Secretary of the Interior, Dirk Kempthorne, along with other Republican politicians wanted it to be a success so they gave it the thumbs up to use state lands.

President George W. Bush visited the resort while on vacation days before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Presumably Kempthorne asked to become Secretary of Interior during his visit with him.

Marine One flew right by my home on the way to the resort. I presume they didn’t see my reaction.

Tamarack to close next week
Idaho Statesman





  1. kt Avatar

    There were all kinds of local ID Repub scallywags involved in Tamarack in various ways.

    I well recall when some of the local people were trying to stop the development, and of course got run over.

  2. DB Avatar

    The Payette NF denied the origional application on federal land partly on the grounds that economically it looked like a loser.

  3. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I remember the one time George W. visited Idaho, he stayed at Tamarack.


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