Yellowstone bears emerging from slumber

It’s that time of year again.

Grizzly feeding on elk.  © Ken Cole
Grizzly feeding on elk. © Ken Cole
Yellowstone bears emerging from slumber
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  1. Jim Avatar

    Is this about normal timing for them to wake up, or is it early?

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar
  3. Cindy Avatar

    Is that photo recent?

  4. Ken Cole Avatar

    I took the photo last fall. October 21.

  5. chuck parker Avatar
    chuck parker

    Another reason to ban snowmobiles from Yellowstone.

    More snowmobiles = less utilization of ungulate carcasses by grizzlies that could use a big hit of calories in the late winter/early spring.

    This was documented in a 1970s study by Keith Aune, but ignored or dismissed by 1990s NPS winter use studies on snowmobiling.

    Remember–ungulates often winter along the Madison River, the Firehole, and other riparian areas. Also in geyser basins. That’s where the roads and snowmobiles are.


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