Phantom Hill wolves howl

© Natalie Ertz 2009

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  1. Mike Avatar

    Very cool!

  2. Virginia Avatar

    One howl is worth a thousand words!! Thank you, Brian! I remember the first time I heard the wolves howl up in Sunlight Basin – working for the Forest Service. The kid with me asked me if that sound was coyotes – no – definitely wolves – it gives you shivers.

  3. Cindy Avatar

    Ohhh, just what this hard workin’ soul, down here in Jackson Hole, needed on a fine Friday afternoon….THANK YOU Brian.

  4. Heather Avatar

    Lovely sound… beautiful animal

  5. Izabela Matej Avatar
    Izabela Matej

    Thank you. What a wonderful sound.

  6. Barb Avatar

    Love it! How cool!

    Hey, does anyone know if human urine will deter coyotes from entering an area? SaveBears?

  7. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears


    I have not seen any scientific evidence to that, but it is a technique that old time hunters used to use to keep predators away from their animals when they could not get them out of the woods after a kill.

    I would say in a populated area that a coyote would probably be pretty conditioned to human smells, so if your are talking about the area you live in, I don’t know that it would be very effective..

    But that is just a guess on my part.

  8. jerry b Avatar
    jerry b

    Barb……..I have heard from a number of sources who have encountered traps, that pissing on them will keep wildlife and pets away. Lots of these traps are set for coyotes, so my guess is that human urine will deter coyotes…

  9. Salle Avatar

    I have heard, from some wolf management professionals, that it is possible to “foul a den” by defecating and urinating all around it – after which point a mother wolf/coyote would return and move her pups to another location. I would imagine that such a tactic would be successful nearly anywhere, especially specific objects or small sites.

    I have seen coyotes in my area, semi inhabited by humans, smell and mark and re-mark piles of snow that are in their “main route of travel”…

  10. Brian Ertz Avatar

    perhaps we’ve discovered another “predator friendly” ranching (sic) technique.

  11. JB Avatar

    “perhaps we’ve discovered another “predator friendly” ranching (sic) technique.”

    Okay, how many cows am I going to have to pee on?

  12. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    boy oh boy, I don’t think I can drink that much beer!


  13. kt Avatar

    I too have heard that is a good thing to do if one encounters traps, antelope blinds left up places they are eyesores/interfere with wildlife, etc.

    But on another note: Nice work, Natalie!

  14. Barb Avatar

    Seriously, is there anything that has been proven to be effective to keep coyotes away as far as smells go that are not very detectable to humans?

    Would the urine work then, or not? The coyotes are in semi-urban areas — McMansions surrounding nature preserves

    Any other ideas how to keep coyotes (or any animals) away from cage traps (with a dead carcass) set for them? Thanks.

  15. Salle Avatar

    I’d recommend urine, it’s a universally natural marking substance… To most animals it says, “stay away”.

  16. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    I don’t know, my place in Montana was only equipped with an outhouse so the guys used to do their stand up business on the trees and it never really seemed to affect the coyotes from coming in and checking things out..though it would be interesting to see if there is anything to it…

  17. Cobra Avatar

    I know for a fact it doesn’t work on bears. A few years back I shot a bull, quartered him up and bagged him then went to get the pack frames. I did the stand up business all around and left my coat, pack, etc. over the bags. We went to ge the pack frames and was gone maybe a little over an hour, by the time we got back to make our first trip out a bear had gotten into two bags, one wihthe loins, and the other the filet meat, he or she left the quarters alone. We only lost about 15 lbs. of meat and I still do this stand up business, but, it doesn’t always work.

  18. elaine Avatar

    Thank you Natalie for capturing that. And thank you for your volunteer help.

  19. Jim Avatar


    Please excuse me crashing in here. 🙂

    I’ve wandered up onto your porch, so to speak, while doing an Internet-search.

    I am hoping that Natalie Ertz, the videographer, is also the same Natalie Ertz that was my classmate and friend in the Corvallis/Alsea, Oregon area.

    Brian, can there be that many Natalie Ertz’s in Idaho? 🙂

    Meanwhile, this video thrills and chills me. Like that polar bear on Planet Earth, swimming miles from land, not an ice floe in sight.

    I would think that every canine-lover in America will become emotionally involved when they view this video.

    Is it possible to post it on such places as Crooks and Liars, and Reddit?

    Jim R.

  20. Brian Ertz Avatar


    you’ve got the same Natalie ~

    i’ll put the video on reddit…

  21. Jim Avatar


    Is there any way you can give her my email address?

    I have some things here for ‘Leroy’ which I would like to mail to her.

    BTW, Counterpunch will sometimes put a website up on their daily listing as ‘Website of the Day’, or something similar to that.

    I wonder how hard it is to get presented there?

    Jim R.

  22. Brian Ertz Avatar

    St. Clair linked to some photos I posted as illustration on the local custom & culture – a rancher in Carey took photos of himself awhile back – he had slaughtered a wolf and had a shit-eatin’ grin while holding it’s gory carcass next to his ATV. It made it’s way to my inbox then WWP’s blog – then Counterpunch, then a lot of places.

    Maybe I’ll write up an article on recent happenings with wolves or wild sheep and submit it to Counterpunch – somebody should and I’m tired of waiting for someone else.. maybe he’ll post it.

    otherwise email him with the web-address of this post/video and suggest it if you like – he seems pretty cool with things like that.

    I’ll give Natalie your email ~ cheers,


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