Yellowbells (Fritillaria pudica)

Yellowbells (Fritillaria pudica) © Brian Ertz, WWP
Yellowbells (Fritillaria pudica) © Brian Ertz, WWP

Fritillaria pudica are among the first flowers to bloom in sagebrush country following the receding snow.

Indigenous peoples used to eat their starchy bulbs.

They’re blooming now ~ this photo was taken yesterday north of Fish Creek Reservoir.  With the moisture remaining following the fresh recession of snow – sagebrush country all over the West is vibrant with unique plant-life – and if you can pry yourself out of bed early enough, take the time to check out sage-grouse strutting their stuff.






  1. TimothyB Avatar

    Was out in the Owyhee’s on Sunday. It was wonderful, green and as always, beautiful. We saw many of those wildflowers. Even though the wife had an allergic reaction to them we still admired them but from a distance when possible.

    Been seeing more rabbits in the Owyhee’s and around Mountain Home than last year also. Anyone else notice this?

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