Officials defend hazing of bison into park

Bison hazed to make way for livestock grazing

Like a broken record, year after year – Yellowstone Park officials, Gallatin National Forest officials, and Montana Department of Livestock officials – all contribute to the inhumane hazing and killing of America’s last genetically wild bison, all to enable livestock ranchers – on your federal public land – to perpetuate the myth of brucellosis and practice the alchemy of churning our environmental heritage into their private pastures of “feed”.  And year after year we hear the same narrative — ‘we have to haze the bison to make way for livestock’ says the government official, ‘but there aren’t any livestock, there’s been no transmission of disease, and your plan promised to share our public land with bison’ says the bison advocate :

Officials defend hazing of bison into park – Billings Gazette:

“We work to provide a month between the time the bison are on the land and the cows are expected to graze,” Nash said.

And much to the dismay of an outraged public, little changes.  Livestock remains the ‘given’ – and hazing & harassing bison, as if they were livestock themselves, fulfills the cultural pathology of otherwise pencil-pushing bureaucrats’ innate desire to play cowboy …



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  1. Salle Avatar

    People need to understand that our federal government has deferred to a state livestock agency the management of OUR WILDLIFE on OUR LAND-national forest with OUR TAX DOLLARS when they have only the skills they employ in handling livestock, in excess of $3million a year. There is no livestock in the area, haven’t been for years, and all their claims are lies to justify their death-grip on the welfare-our tax dollars-to pillage our public land. How hard is that? Why are brand inspectors brutalizing wildlife on federally administered land? Bison are not livestock.

  2. buffalorunner Avatar

    This is all funded by big federal $$$ that MDOL receives every year to conduct operations on the western boundary!!

  3. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    Couldn’t agree with you more Salle.

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