Obama’s EPA clears 42 of 48 New Mountaintop Removal Mining Permits

Back East, things aren’t looking much better for the environment-
See below

Obama’s EPA clears 42 of 48 New Mountaintop Removal Mining Permits

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Obama administration has cleared more than three-dozen new mountaintop removal permits for issuance by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, drawing quick criticism from environmental groups who had hoped the new president would halt the controversial practice.



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  1. davej Avatar

    Pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday.

  2. Steve C Avatar
    Steve C

    All of this bad news is much more upsetting for me now than during the Bush years. There was always that feeling when I read these infuriating stories that good things were around the corner when he left office. Was I wrong…

  3. montucky Avatar

    Looks as though Barack has the same owners that GW had.

  4. jimbob Avatar

    Looks like we should have vetted the party better. Everybody thought ANY CANDIDATE would be better than Bush. Not true. Where is the outrage? AGAIN, I wondered how he (Obama) got this nomination…….If the republicans picked up the environmental ball their other crap might have a chance!

  5. timz Avatar

    I don’t know what your all complaining about, Obama has just mandated more fuel efficient cars by 2016.

  6. Brian Ertz Avatar


    yeah, and he put a stop to the cocaine orgies at Interior — greenest prez since nixon

  7. DB Avatar

    I don’t know what everyone is so up tight about. Who would you rather have nominating federal judges, Obama or McCain? Maska makes an excellent point today in his comment on judge Reddon’s salmon decision.

  8. jimbob Avatar

    By the way some people might look at Montucky’s comment above as racist, but look at it as I wish Obama would look at it. If some company is dictating policy to you, especially when you know it is wrong or favorable only because they “supported you economically” you are “owned”! Wish Obama would see that and wake up!

  9. vicki Avatar


  10. Brian Ertz Avatar


    IMO, evaluating Obama in contrast to McCain is not a fair argument.

    So what ? I’d like to know from someone who holds this “better-than” standard for a president’s performance just what you think the worst possible environmental scenario of a McCain presidency might be. Please, write it down – cuz Obama’s holding to the same standard on environmental issues as Bush – the same policies, rules, and defending the same backward battles in the courts and administratively. This begs the question, would McCain have been worse than Bush (cuz that’s what we’ve gotten on the environment, wildlife issues, from Obama).

    Or, would McCain have sold out his supporters, like politicians are inherently apt to do – apparently – and made some positive changes under the auspice of bipartisanship (as Obama is perpetuating egregiously negative policy, that not a decade ago would have been generally viewed as a radical departure from the norm, under such auspice) ??? would he ?

    It’s impossible to tell – it’s a stale argument.

    Obama is the President, there is no chance that McCain will be president, Obama is selling out this country’s wildlife and public land heritage, McCain is not selling out such heritage. Quite frankly, knowing what I know now — if McCain had been president, we might have gotten some congressional resistance from the majority party in both houses, even if just for the sake of partisanship … as it stands now, otherwise supportive voices are gagged, unwilling to pipe up, as the majority is following the president’s lead – his agenda – and our agenda is buried.

    As for judges — why should we believe that Obama will do any different with judges ? he’s sold out every other facet of his most ardent supports agenda – why would he not play the same politics with judges ?

    wait and see … wait and see … oops, there goes the Mojave desert … wait and see … ughh … bye bye to a just and scientifically-based wolf recovery, meaningful polar bear protection,… still waiting, Argh… there goes another Appalachian mountain-top & water supply …

    we’ve been rolled.

  11. Ryan Avatar

    “I don’t know what your all complaining about, Obama has just mandated more fuel efficient cars by 2016.”


    Huh, The evil one did it first, the messiah just bumped up the date and added .5 mpg.


  12. Ryan Avatar


    You are correct, we’ve all been screwed again. The only difference is we did it with a kiss on the neck this time instead of fighting it. I truly believe the legacy left for the future by this presidency will be worse than the last. He has broken almost every campaign promise to date. Don’t think he won’t roll to the Ag and Ranching interests. 🙁

  13. timz Avatar

    “I don’t know what your all complaining about, Obama has just mandated more fuel efficient cars by 2016.”

    Just to be clear that comment was made in sarcasm.

    Your last post was dead-on B.Ertz. We’re not dealing in “whatifs” at this point.

  14. DB Avatar

    Brian and others:

    I hear you and that’s why I’m here. I’m dissapointed too, but maybe a little more optimistic than others. Keep plugging and thanks for all you do.

  15. Ron Kearns Avatar
    Ron Kearns

    As a Republican who voted for Mr. Obama, a very naive man deceived us all because of our own naiveté.

  16. fenriswolfr Avatar

    Two sides of the same coin. Who cares democrat or republican.

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