Ben Otto, a member of our ‘Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News’ community, and a fellow rabble-rouser/live-wire (we gotsta stick together), has recently started his own blog about Public Interest Energy issues.  Check it out :

Public Interest Energy Blog

It’s a great resource to keep up on energy issues, nationally & especially in the state of Idaho – and it reminds us that the public interest ought be front and center.  These are the kind of thoughts on energy issues that let us preserve our public land and wildlife too (and maybe our hard-earned dollars for good measure !).

Some of my favorite posts thus far :

If Geeks Ran the Electric Grid

A vast interconnected series of tubes that responds to dynamic users, requests, and resources while remaining decentralized, easily accessible, and inexpensive. This could describe either the internet or, the electric grid. Except that the grid is dominated by a few vested monopolies with total control over the infrastructure.

Wind Turbines on Rooftops

Electric Bill Draining Your Pocketbook? Paint your roof white and save $ and the Earth

Keep on howling into the dark and dangerous night Ben !  We need your voice.

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3 Responses to New Public Interest Energy Blog

  1. kt says:

    Hey! I just looked at the Energy Blog, and it looks great! I’ve always just gagged when seeing (and smelling) the asphalt/tar crews out there putting that horrid black asphalt stuff on flat roofs.Maybe that at least will become a thing of the past if whiter roofs become in vogue.

    AND I remember growing up, and hearing the term Public Utility – and always somehow thinking they were for the public good. Little did I know how WRONG this image was – and that your basic utility operates sort of like the Winnemucca BLM runs “public” lands – Cattlemen and foreign gold miners (and soon likely foreign wind and geothermal sharks) get it all … And the public gets the Weed Wastelands and blowing dirt, manure, cyanide heap leach pits and mercury raining down on Idaho to the North and dead hot springs …

  2. Mike says:

    Looks like a good blog. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. jerry b says:

    Great site! Thanks Ralph


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