UI puts Marie Bulgin on Leave during course of bighorn investigation

University of Idaho Statement: Update on Bighorn Sheep Research Investigation – UI Press Release

June 17, 2009

“The University of Idaho continues its thorough investigation into the facts surrounding professor of veterinary medicine Marie Bulgin’s testimony before the Idaho legislature during the 2009 session, and her written statements in federal litigation, relating to transmission of disease between bighorn sheep and domestic sheep.

“The university is committed to integrity and accountability, and takes seriously its responsibility to ensure both. To that end, we are reviewing this case within the framework of all relevant university policies. The institution’s general policies cover issues such as employee conduct, responsibility and accountability.

“To accomplish a complete and timely investigation, and to minimize the impact of the claims and investigation on the research and analysis performed at the Caine Veterinary Teaching Center, the university and Bulgin have agreed that she will take leave from her administrative duties at the Caine Center and will not be involved in research projects on sheep and sheep-related diseases, nor publish or otherwise disseminate research materials regarding sheep or sheep-related diseases pending the outcome of the university’s investigation. This change takes effect immediately.

“Day-to-day Caine Center operation oversight and supervision of research focused on sheep and sheep-related diseases will be reassigned.

“The university’s investigation is dedicated to both ascertaining a complete understanding of the facts and ensuring that the rights of all involved are respected. Under Idaho law, certain personnel information must remain confidential and we will, of course, honor that requirement. We will conduct our investigation in a timely manner and take appropriate actions according to its results.”
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  1. timz Avatar

    Nice, a paid summer vacation.

  2. Alice Royle Avatar
    Alice Royle

    If you knew Marie’s background and what she has contributed to improve the health and welfare of sheep, you would be as unhappy as I am to see her having trouble.
    I do not know her personally, but have benefitted by her research and the knowledge that she shares with flock owners worldwide.
    BTW, I have a small sustainably raised farm flock. No agribusiness here.


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