Sarah Palin Resigns As Governor, Wolves Everywhere Celebrate

Someone must have told Palin she’s a contender for a presidential run in 2012 ? Good luck with that ex-Governor Palin …

If you think you can handle it, there’s the video of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech on the Huffington Post link :

Sarah Palin Resigning as Alaska’s GovernorHuffington Post

And a great photograph of one wolf’s response on ecorazzi :

Sarah Palin Resigns As Governor, Wolves Everywhere Celebrateecorazzi






  1. Ken Cole Avatar

    That was the most confusing speech I have ever seen.

  2. Barb Rupers Avatar
    Barb Rupers

    I found it interesting that she said “the world needed more Trigs.”

  3. izabelam Avatar

    I guess I have 3.5 years before moving back to Europe.
    Just kidding. This is a very bad dream.
    We will see her back. She is not giving up the power for nothing.

  4. william huard Avatar

    Sara palin has a reality that is all her own- I think there might be medication for that.

  5. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    Obama was groomed to get in the white house, what makes you think she won’t be groomed by the political machine, I know most don’t like her on this blog, but in reality, this blog is a very small minority of the US voters, I can almost bet you, she is not fading, but restructuring….until such time as we start voting the long time professional politician out of office, we are going to continue to see this happen..

  6. Brian Ertz Avatar

    I agree with Save Bears – at least with Palin v. Obama in ’12 we’d have a race with one of the political parties exemplifying honesty about the sorry state of American democracy.

    The thing I’d loath most about the prospect would be the certainty of all the Obama supporters cloaking the lack of his political substance/accomplishment with “better than” slogans.

    if anyone needs any of the meds William’s talking about, give me a call ~~ I’m in the process of stockpiling … I think psychotropics might be the answer after all – and my therapist agrees

  7. Dan Fresnick Avatar
    Dan Fresnick

    “I can see Russia from my house”. End of story….
    The woman is an idiot!
    Bring her on….!

  8. Johnny Avatar

    My head hurts after trying to watch that.

  9. frank Avatar

    I hope she is his opponent. That would be hilarious. She would not make it out of the primaries though. I would guarantee that.

  10. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    Don’t be so sure Frank, there were a whole lot of people that said Obama would not make it out of the primaries and he won the whole she bang…never count anyone out when it comes to the massive political machines in this I said, we all have opinions on this blog, but this blog does not even represent 1 percent of the voters in the smallest population in this country…

  11. frank Avatar

    Oh, I’m pretty sure we can count her out. I also believe we can count wallpaper out as a potential successful candidate.

  12. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    Well Frank, I will give you this, you do indeed have confidence, that is the first step, but unfortunately after working in an agency for a while that was nothing but political, I can’t say I am so sure..

  13. izabelam Avatar

    I think we cannot just say she has no chance. She is awoman and she has tons of supportesrs in some part of the country. She is also a ‘cute’ Barbie like some say. Use it as negative or positive. Noone think Hilary is cute. 🙂

    If it would be Hilary and her..guess what? We are all in troubles. Not a single wolf, bear, coyote or any other predator type animals will be saved. All lands will be drilled….
    Man..I better go to sleep…

  14. JimT Avatar

    Let me get this straight. After ALL Of her mistakes, her gaffs, her illegal actions as governor, the ethics violations…there are some of you who think she is a viable PRESIDENTIAL candidate. Do you think Darth Cheney will channel the Dark Side, and somehow or another make us all forget what a mistake she was for McCain?

    This is exactly the kind of mindset the Republicans would love Dems to have…to have doubts about her, to possibly give her credibility is to give her power. I have more faith in women as voters than to merely say they will vote their gender. I also think one underestimates the Obama political folks if you think they couldn’t run a campaign to show her for what she is politically…a walking soundbite who doesn’t cast a shadow.

    And to compare Obama with her in terms of being “groomed”…ridiculous analogy. Obama may be relatively new to the national scene, but the comparison ends there. He has ability; she is someone who looks good on the camera, but is mere puffery. I can only hope and pray she stays around and is the nominee. Go back and look at the post election triage; look at the stats about why folks voted the way they did; the data showing the Republicans losing members faster than ever. The more the Republicans return to the Confederate model for their party, the better it bodes for Dems and Independents to forge a reasonable albeit imperfect alliance on most issues.

    Now, let’s see what kind of pressure we can bring on her successor to stop the wolf and bear hunts, to stop the gold mine threatening the salmon run, and so on.

  15. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears


    I think a lot more will be known after the mid terms..

  16. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I don’t think Palin likes to govern. She likes running for office, giving speeches, appearing at rallies, but I think she is bored with the effort of making budgets, studying policy choices. This is doubly true when all the possibly choices are bad, like making a budget during a recession. This is also why she likes the hot button cultural issues. Taking a position on them doesn’t require much study.

    She got appointed to Alaska’s powerful Oil and Gas Commission, and resigned that too before her term was over.

    Liberal or conservative, her personality is not one of an office holder. Her skills are elsewhere.

    She isn’t intellectually curious. That’s why she was a D student, not because she is stupid. In this way she is like Dubya.

  17. izabelam Avatar

    I think you are right, we need to concentrate of the LT.Governor now.
    For now she is gone. But we still have to fight to overturn her laws and rules.
    Caribou Barbie will be back..sooner or later.
    We stil have to protect our wolves of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.
    Hopefully Defenders of Wildlife will spend all the money we donated on our cause.

  18. vickif Avatar

    I agree with Ralph.
    This woman has little follow through.

    And as for Save Bears….this blog may be a small percentage of voters, but I believe it represents a growing mind-set of voters. All that aside, she did not get enough votes the first time around…she hasn’t gottent any smarter since then. Her resignation boasts a serious lack of sustainability.
    Whenever this woman feels she cannot get her way, she quits or displays some irrational behavior.
    I will give her this, she does try to spin her lack of ability to create positive change into a selfless act of political sacrafice.
    Honestly though, I would imagine that the republican party will come up with a more viable female candidate. Among those females who are remotely savvy….Palin is a no go.
    She is all about show, and nothing about the needs….she is a politicain—-through and through.

  19. JimT Avatar

    I recently went to a donor meeting here in Boulder where Rodger S.(ED-CEO of the C3 and C4 (political action org. that does the vids, etc.) and I can assure you Rodger is committed to the wolf issue; it is one of if not THE defining issue of his tenure at DOW. The C4 did a marvelous job with relatively very little money on getting Pombo out of office, as well as playing a strong role in the Markey race and the Udall race in New Mexico. What surprised me was how little money the rest of the nationals spend on political stuff, and why they haven’t followed the model of DOW and NRDC in forming a political organization and targeting very specific races and people who serve on the committees who handle the issues most relevant to the group. It is just another way of telling and showing the anti environmental politicians that we are watching and we will target you and defeat you. I think getting the politicians who vote green in office and on the right committees is a wise strategy that should pay off in the future, but it really does depend on funding from folks like you and me. Tens of millions of folks say they are environmentalists…we don’t need to give big money to be effective, but more of us need to give small amounts of money. The Obama campaign showed us this approach can work VERY effectively.

    Ralph, I think you are right on in your observation. Governing is hard, messy work, and she is more interested in the money and the freedom to rail on without any facts in her strange cadence and mixture of W, Rush and Quayle..

    I think the midterms are going to be tough, frankly. We won’t lose control, but we will see the 60 margin go away in the Senate. It IS the economy, stupid as the saying goes, and it is not turning around as all of us had hoped. I can’t say I agree with everything Obama has tried, but he is trying, and all I see, from both Dems and Repubs, are folks more concerned with keeping their jobs and playing to their own selfish agendas and support groups than putting what is best for the country first, and damn the ideology. There will be plenty of time for that in the future, but if we don’t get the banks back in line, get some regulatory review of wall street with teeth, we will continue to struggle.

  20. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears


    I did not say I support her! I said what I felt the Repubs are doing and I didn’t vote for either of the big 2 this last election cycle.

    The American voters memory is very short when it comes to politics and it is still 3+ years until the next major election cycle, in reality, I am more interested in seeing what happens at the mid term elections than I am the presidential election in 3+ years! Of course with the way its going, we are going to see candidates start declaring their positions next week! LOL

  21. mikarooni Avatar

    There will always be, perhaps now more than ever before, lots of people flying false flag and comforting us with wise and consoling words of “realism” ultimately meant to discourage us into depressed apathy and paralysis. The answer is simple: don’t listen, stick together, get fired up when the trolls on our side work to stir us up, but don’t break ranks on the radical side either. Stick together, bunched up just a bit left of center, and stay in it for the long haul. Palin will try to cause trouble; Pawlenty will be a more serious problem; but, contrary to the bull spewed by Rove, this country is, always was, and always will be not center right, but squarely progressive over that long haul. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself and that’s just the kind of fear the smooth talking infiltrators want us to have. Don’t buy it.

  22. Maska Avatar

    Two quick points:

    1. I don’t know a single woman, including former Hillary supports, of whom I know many, who would vote for Palin. Yes, the right wingers will, but they’d vote for a filing cabinet if it took the right stands in the “culture wars.” Men, however, may be another story.

    2. Why not start framing her as a “quitter”? Folks may forgive those who get elected to a higher office and then leave their current office, but I don’t think they care much for quitters.

  23. HikerID Avatar

    Her resignation made my July 4th a happy one!!

  24. Alan Avatar

    I can see the commercial now: “When times got tough in Alaska, Sarah Palin walked out! Can we afford a president who does that?………….Paid for by the Committee to Re-elect the President.”

  25. mikarooni Avatar

    Lisa Murkowski apparently phoned in a comment is disapproval of Palin quitting her state post in the middle of her term and warning Palin not to think about a run for a Senate seat (Murkowski’s). Of course, the Alaska Lt Gov who gets to replace Palin is saluting Palin in glowing terms (he doesn’t want her to go away mad; he just wants her to go away …and not to make too big a mess as she cleans out her office). Given the speed at which this departure happened and all the talk of 1) abuse of power while in office, 2) inappropriate use of state funds in association with family travel, and 3) questions about her husband’s role in state affairs and in dealing with state contractors and extractive industry supplicants; there may be more to this story …we may hear it and we may not. Leaving office this early to pursue something as far out (no pun intended) as a presidential run in 2012 would seem to have as many drawbacks as advantages. Something in 2010 would be a different story and Murkowski’s comments might point to that fact.

  26. Virginia Avatar

    Sarah has proven that she is “thin-skinned” which I think makes it impossible for her to seek national office. When my 90-year old mother saw her as McCain’s running mate, she was horrified and voted for Barack with new resignation. If you all read other political blogs and watch cable news, you realize that is not just those of us on this blog who detest her and her ignorance. Many, many more people in both parties and independents agree that she was and is a disaster for the republican party. As JimT says, she is a quitter and as we all know – “a winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” Goodbye Sarah (abstinence only).

  27. william huard Avatar

    This month’s Audubon has a truly disturbing article about Sara Palin and her Alaskan Outdoor council’s assault on predators. It is the ted williams “incite” piece- I recommend everyone read it if possible. It will make your blood boil.

  28. Valeria Rogers Avatar

    Sarah has always been out for Sarah. She got a whiff of big money on the campaign and might not take the political route but instead become a soccer mom, religious hybrid cross between Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. Sarah in our faces constantly. One wolf’s heaven is another human’s hell.

  29. Linda Hunter Avatar

    I just watched her speech. . . my reaction is that there certainly is something fishy in Alaska. The woman cannot speak well and her statements and analogies fell flat as I couldn’t tell what the heck she was talking about. Her body language while talking was of a little girl telling a few lies and hoping you just think she’s cute enough to let her get away with it. My hope is that she will get out of politics and perhaps write a book or do a movie that we can all choose whether she will have any effect on our lives.

  30. izabelam Avatar

    Ok..all..go check her facebook wall. OMG..people are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo screwed up.
    Yes, they can groom her and yes…she will run ….and God help us.

  31. Griz Avatar

    Wellll…let her run in 2012. Who cares, it isnt like she has much of a chance anyways, unless Obama makes some big screwups in the next few years

  32. william huard Avatar

    Sara Palin will not even get the republican nomination. There are so many groups that hate her, they will crucify her. She can’t stand the heat now, wait till she tries a run at D.C. She has no chance with moderate republicans, and liberal democrats hate her- I hope she runs!!Does anyone think that she has what it takes to run the U.S? Democrats will expose her terrible environmental record- not to mention her ethics violations- people in Alaska do not approve of her now! What a 35 point slip in popularity ratings since the election—-

  33. outsider Avatar

    you people are so funny, Sara is far from done, she will countinue to work on what some call her weaknesses, and get far more publicity outside of alaska than as governor. I see her fallowing in Regans footsteps, and that should scare the hell out of most of you.

  34. Virginia Avatar

    Outsider – don’t bet the bank on that!

  35. JB Avatar

    “I see her fallowing in Regans footsteps…”

    Seriously? Reagan was from California (electoral votes = 55), Palin is from Alaska (electoral votes = 3). Reagan was witty, self-deprecating and informed; Reagan was politically experienced, running a state with an economy that ranked in the top 10 in the world; Palin is…well, from Alaska. The only reason Palin’s name came up is that the McCain crew felt they needed someone other than a old, white man (other Republican VP contenders) to attract votes. On the surface, Palin was appealing because she could potentially attract both women voters and evangelicals, both of whom were suspicious of McCain, and both of whom did NOT turn out for the McCain/Palin ticket.

    In a primary battle Palin would likely have to beat out Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty (the probable contenders for 2012). Given that lineup, I give her a snowball’s chance in Hell.

  36. william huard Avatar

    Outsider- give me a break! What could possibly make anyone with any intelligence fear in Sara Palin?

  37. william huard Avatar

    Her own republican legislature in Alaska does not respect or like her- the only appeal that she has is the right wing base of the party- which is now under 25% of the total electorate in the country. The rush limpbaugh right- the gun wielding southern voter

  38. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    I think she has sealed her political fate and I would be very surprised if we see here again. People may be grooming her for president but I doubt too many people will vote for someone who couldn’t stay in office as governor.

  39. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    I meant to say see her again.

  40. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    Speech made no sense…

  41. Ryan Avatar

    I really dont think this will make a huge difference, Obama will have the same legacy as Jimmy Carter. We’ll get some other Dolt as a president, and Alaska will still continue to kill wolves from planes. Unfortunately this is bigger news than North Korea firing ballistic missles. Were all screwed.

  42. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    Heck Michael Jackson is bigger news than anything, so I would say we are REALLY screwed!

  43. Ryan Avatar

    “Heck Michael Jackson is bigger news than anything, so I would say we are REALLY screwed!”

    From now on, I vote for all news to be run either on a ticker at the bottom of the page during American Idol, or during superbowl commercial times.

  44. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    Ryan, the sad thing is, people would see the news if it were run that way. It would work during any sporting event.

  45. Layton Avatar

    “at least with Palin v. Obama in ‘12 we’d have a race with one of the political parties exemplifying honesty about the sorry state of American democracy. ”

    Just curious — which one??

    I haven’t seen much honesty from either.

  46. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    Layton, I may not agree with you on a lot of what you say but I do agree with that one.

  47. mikarooni Avatar

    Standard right-wing tactic: when your side isn’t looking good, quickly change the topic and try to get people focused on vilifying both parties and all “politicians” as a means of sowing distraction, confusion, and apathy. You guys are too transparent.

  48. jdubya Avatar

    This must be what Palin meant when said she was gonna spend more time working to improve the nation outside of gov’t. She is gonna save the bears!!

  49. william huard Avatar

    Has anyone read the August Audubon issue that I mentioned a few days ago- about the sad state of affairs in Alaskan Wildlife Management?

  50. Save bears Avatar
    Save bears

    Hey mikarooni,

    Shove it….hehehe..

    What comes around goes around!


  51. jerryB Avatar

    I predict that Palin will join the “Fox” network as a news consultant similar to Carl Rove. Or, she may end up as O’Reily’s side kick.

  52. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    JerryB, I think that is exactly what will happen. The thought of O’Reilly having her as a sidekick makes me shudder.

  53. Barb Rupers Avatar
    Barb Rupers

    William Hurd, I did read the article in Audubon. The topic is as depressing now as it was last summer when there were a lot of complaints about using 400,000$ to “educate the public” about wolves just before the vote and the confusing wording of the ballot.

  54. Don George Avatar
    Don George

    I wouldn’t rule out anyone running for the office of president, congress or any political position. After all Obama made it even with his links to terrorist organizations and oh yes lets not forget Acorn.

  55. JimT Avatar

    Don George,

    Stop beating that dead horse, will you? Poor thing…~S~

    BTW, was at a July 4th party, and there was a Fed there who is high up in the wildlife management issues in Alaska. One of the more interesting things he said is that the wolves have learned to run and hide when they hear the sound of the helicopters now, in the same way they learned to hide when they hear the sound of snowmobiles. Don’t know if it was a PR observation to make the hunt seem more fair or not, but it is an interesting topic to ponder…

  56. JimT Avatar

    Sorry, should have been plane sounds..I think that is still the major way they hunt the wolves…

  57. Layton Avatar

    ‘Standard right-wing tactic: when your side isn’t looking good, quickly change the topic and try to get people focused on vilifying both parties and all “politicians” as a means of sowing distraction, confusion, and apathy. You guys are too transparent.

    Is your hat REALLY on that tight?? What in the world makes you think ANY of the drivel spouted by super radical, “liberal to the last breath” left wing nuts like yourself would merit any sort of “tactics” by ANYONE?

    Don’t give yourself up that much credit.

  58. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    Barb, that money they spent to “educate” the public about wolves in Alaska must have been pure propaganda a la

    JimT, wolves probably have learned to hide when they hear plane sounds but it is likely that it has been exaggerated greatly in a PR move.

  59. mikarooni Avatar

    Must of scored another direct hit…

  60. Barb Rupers Avatar
    Barb Rupers

    ProWolf in WY, it was definitely propaganda, but it didn’t come from It was directly from Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin. Ever notice that ‘saveelk” dropped the “saveourelk”name?

  61. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    Barb, I was just thinking it must have been similar to that web site. I figured in Alaska it would be pictures of dead caribou and moose instead.

  62. jdubya Avatar

    Speaking of politics sticking it’s nose where it does not belong:

    Let’s put this up as a post because it is off-topic. Ralph Maughan

  63. william huard Avatar

    When I listen to her interviews with the press, there is something not quite right with her. She is always inventing new parts or duties for the government – dept of law, last year there was senate duties specific to the vice pres. People in Alaska are on to her, she is being judged on her actions, recently she was overturned by the leg for her veto of energy assistance funds- some 28.7 million for her state- That’s how she is looking out for Alaskans. Scary

  64. HikerID Avatar

    I hope she runs for pres. – ensuring 4 more years for Obama!!

  65. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    It looks to me like she is going to try to cash in while leading a social movement of disaffected mostly rural and white social conservatives.

    Whether she can do this, I don’t know. The anger is out there, but her most riveting speech that rallied this base was written for her by the McCain campaign. She needs a brilliant speech writer who understands right wing populism. On her own, she will fall flat.

    She’s really amibtious and likes the spotlight. She interprets her knack at seeing a personal opportunity to advance herself as a message from God . . . “See, Sarah, there’s that crack in the door you prayed about.”

    She doesn’t like governing. That’s one reason she resigned. She likes being adored by a cheering crowd.


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