3 Mexican wolf pups were found dead after their den was abandoned.  Some speculate human activity around the den prompted the wolves to leave.

Groups Seek Federal Probe of NM Wolf Pup DeathsAP

The agency said the mother left scratch marks from her efforts to get the pups out of a deep crevice in the den.

Why was there so much human activity around the den site ? :

Officials had been monitoring the pack’s alpha male because it was linked to four livestock killings within the past year.

Read the letteracrobat pdf from conservation groups to Interior Secretary Salazar requesting an investigation.

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10 Responses to Groups Seek Federal Probe of NM Wolf Pup Deaths

  1. jerryB says:

    Hopefully, some of the groups that signed off on the letter will have the courage and tenacity to follow thru with this.
    Another example of the failed policy of “collaboration” and “consensus building” that’s so popular with one very large corporate non-profit group in particular….Gosh…..don’t see their name listed as a co-signers on this letter.

  2. jerryB says:

    Brian……I thought your comment was “right on”.
    What happened to it?????

  3. Brian Ertz says:


    Let’s just say I didn’t take it down –

    The whole process from everyone involved down there is mired in secrecy.

  4. Brian Ertz says:

    I guess some people feel that’s good for the lobo

  5. Brian Ertz says:

    Or money

  6. Brian Ertz says:

    Or ambition – who knows ?

  7. Rick Hammel says:

    I don’t think there will be any change in management as long as Catrona County and livestock people are partners in the recovery effort. What really is needed is judicial oversight guiding FWS in the recovery. Otherwise, it is going to be a long road to eventual failure.


  8. jerryB says:

    Wow!! This is getting more and more interesting.

  9. ProWolf in WY says:

    Rick, I think the whole program is doomed to failure if some changes aren’t made.

  10. Cynthia L. Durham says:

    I would appreciate being contacted to find out if I can help with predator deterrant. I use Great Pyrenees to great effect and don’t for the life of me understand why the same isn’t used out west.


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