Sheep dog bit woman while riding her bike and attacked another person’s dog. The dog had not been vaccinated.

It is not uncommon for people to come into contact with sheep guard dogs while recreating on public lands and I have been told many times that these dogs are trained to not attack people. This may be true in most cases but they certainly act aggressively towards people and can be very intimidating. Oftentimes they are not properly vaccinated.

Rancher found guilty in sheep-dog case – The Park Record.

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4 Responses to Rancher found guilty in sheep-dog case

  1. Difficult to assess from the meagre facts contained in the article. Maybe just a dog doing what he is supposed to do: Protect his herd from what for him looked like an “attack” from something he cannot recognize as “human” due to the strange clothing and equipment that does not fit his “picture” of a human?

  2. kt says:

    The Pyrenees guard dogs are fearsome. Part of the reign of terror the livestock industry inflicts on public lands. I had one try to come in my car and attack my dogs – when I came upon sheep bedded on a County road in the dark, and stopped rather than kill the sheep or wreck. Another fine part of the Custom and Culture.

  3. monty says:

    An easy non-lethal way to deal with situations like this is to carry “bear spray”. Recently my son was attacked by a vicious dog–nothing to do w/cattle or sheep–& he just gave the dog one small dose of spray & the dog turned into a “pussy cat”. It also works good on two legged predators, more women should carry it!

  4. Elizabeth Parker says:

    I believe the rancher in question owns the land on which this occured. I don’t believe it is public land.



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