Another controversial Obama appointment

This time, environmentalists are angered with Obama’s choice for Office of Surface Mining Reclamation, and Enforcement.

Enviros Blast Obama’s Choice for Office of Surface MiningENS

For the past 17 years Pizarchik has been engaged in Pennsylvania’s mining program, first as legal counsel and then as the director of the Bureau of Mining and Reclamation.

During his tenure at Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Mining and Reclamation, says [Jeff] Ruch [Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility], “Pizarchik has hewn a solidly pro-industry line on topics such as acid mine drainage, subsidence from longwall mining and using mining slag as valley fill.”

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One Response to Enviros Blast Obama’s Choice for Office of Surface Mining

  1. JimT says:

    Given Obama’s pick of this industry hack, this pretty much cements it for me. If you aren’t a FOBHS (Big Hat Salazar) or someone who has worked for industry, or has shown strong, historical sympathies for the extractive industries, you don’t pass the sniff test at the White House. Add in the pick of Sherman for Ag Undersecretary and his lack of roadless rule support and again, strong ties with the very groups he regulates…well you get the picture.

    So, I stand humbled and for those of you who said Obama’s election was being overhyped by those of us who really thought he stood for meaningful change, I apologize and stand corrected.


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