I’ve been traveling for the last week but while I was in Nevada I was contacted by John Miller about this story.

On September 29th the meetings of the Bighorn Sheep/Domestic Sheep Advisory Board restarted after a several month hiatus.  They will continue to meet into the future.

UI questions prof’s attendance at bighorn meeting
John Miller – Associated Press

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In past about Bulgin. Story June 17,2009. Univ. of Idaho puts Marie Bulgin on Leave during course of bighorn investigation

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6 Responses to UI questions prof's attendance at bighorn meeting

  1. kt says:

    So how much is the U of I paying Marie Bulgin – while the U of I twiddles its thumbs? Couldn’t that money go to — like — classroom supplies in second grade, or something worthwhile?

    I’ve heard that the U of I is not doing much – so Bulgin coasts, cosseted at the state taxpayer expense, until the story gets forgotten about.

    Somehow I think, no matter how good a buddy of Steve Symms and Butch Otter the new overpaid U of I President is, this story is NOT going to be forgotten about.

  2. Her participation seems to violate what was described in the University of Idaho’s news release of June 17, 2009.
    University of Idaho Statement: Update on Bighorn Sheep Research Investigation – UI Press Release. June 17, 2009

  3. mikepost says:

    The whole concept of putting someone on leave is to prevent them from acting as an agent of the employer and interferring with the personnel investigation and related issues. One would think that her action consitutues an act of direct insubordination to a written directive, usually a termination offense. If they don’t act, it will say a lot about whats going on behind the scenes.

  4. Glad you noticed Mikepost. Could this possibily just be window dressing?

  5. jdubya says:

    A better place for the previous posting….


  6. Well, given her connections to Idaho most powerful industry –livestock, I think this was a foregone conclusion.

    The important thing is that she doesn’t have any credibility on this issue now, and may now not be allowed to go around and say domestic sheep don’t give deadly diseases to bighorn sheep.


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