Will there be a similar flight for opponents of the mining? No.

A state owned plane carrying Lt. Gov. Brad Little, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, House Assistant Majority Leader Scott Bedke, deputy Attorney General Clive Strong, and mining lobbyist Jack Lyman for a tour of eastern Idaho phosphate mining areas was paid for by mining lobbyists. People aren’t too happy about it and some are crying foul because there was no one with differing views of the mining operations on board.

ID officials fly state plane, mining industry pays
John Miller – Associated Press

Our View: Officials should be careful with lobbying
Idaho Statesman

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6 Responses to ID officials fly state plane, mining industry pays

  1. kt says:

    All these good old ranching oligarchy boys- like sheep rancher Little and cow rancher Bedke – are used to doing whatever they want, and bullying people to get their way. Skills honed with beating up on any BLM or Forest Service manager that has ever tried to control livestock damage. It adds to their sense of entitlement and privilege. No wonder no one thought twice about the little phosphate mining industry propaganda jaunt in the state’s plane to look over the glories of Simplot destruction of the earth.

    I can;t figure out the ICL quote here – are they saying it was ok???

  2. Idaho’s nobility out to look at their realm.

  3. kt says:

    … and how much has the mining industry donated to Little, Otter, Wasden (AG runs for elected office in ID) and other campaigns? I thought Wasden was supposed to a bit better than the others involved.

    What is the definition of Pay to Play?

    If there was accident, could Mrs. Lyman have sued the state?

    OH: And how would Homeland Security view this? NO security clearances required for industry lobbyists to be up in an airplane with high elected officials of ID? Of course, being a high elected official in ID is … pretty small potatoes!

  4. kt says:

    Also .. wasn’t it the woman who was the Director of the Idaho Dept of Transportation that was removed in summer by Otter – for not being a Good Old Boy? She has since filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit, I believe, and spoke out about the state’s cronyism with Contractors who are Republican donors.

    Her successor (whoever it is) must have told Butch he would not stand in the way of Otter-style Idaho Fascism.

  5. gline says:

    that is so wrong and people are anti government???

  6. jimbob says:

    I’m ashamed that this happens in my country. The elected officials and lobbyists are not even ashamed of themselves! People are just greedy as hell now!


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