Plaintiffs (wolf advocates) file Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgment to overturn the Federal Government’s Delisting of Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves

For those interested in reading the legal filing submitted yesterday (10/26/09) :

Plaintiff’s Memorandum In Support of Motion For Summary Judgmentacrobat pdf

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5 Responses to Wolf advocates submit brief in wolf delisting case

  1. Ryan says:

    Has their been any update on the Wyoming case?

  2. nabeki says:

    I’m glad something got filed. This case needs to move along, quickly!!!

  3. Jay Barr says:

    Speaking of cases; there’s some second-hand info from WA pertaining to the “progress” on the Lookout pack wolf(ves) poached. Seems this investigation is really taking some major twists and turns as far as other alleged violations, so that’s why nothing has been charged yet.

  4. nabeki says:

    What a truly sickening poaching incident with the Whites trying to mail the pup wolf’s pelt, dripping with blood, by Fedex to Canada. What is wrong with people?

    Jay what new twists and turns has this case taken?

  5. Jay Barr says:


    I don’t know what those twists and turns are- only that there are some, seemingly pretty major, and that’s why no charges have been filed yet.


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