Obama administration inches away from 'time out' for roadless forest logging

Is this a move away from Obama’s previous commitment to the Clinton Roadless Rule ?

In May, the Obama administration announced its intention to give Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack top level oversight over incursions into roadless areas.  The move was said to be Obama’s re-commitment to the Clinton Roadless Rule.

Obama administration inches away from ‘time out’ for roadless forest loggingThe Oregonian

Now it appears the administration is backing away from that directive, if only a little.

This month, the Agriculture Department returned to the Forest Service the authority to undertake certain projects in roadless forests without the secretary’s approval.



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  1. nabeki Avatar

    So much for change in Washington. Obama is turning out to be a HUGE disappointment on the environment. The wolves are suffering because of his transparent attempt to appease agriculture, by appointing Salazar.


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