We’ve talked about how despite Hamburgers being the ‘Hummers’ of Food in Global Warming, and How Meat, Especially Beef Contributes to Global Warming, big agribusiness and the livestock industry flex their political muscle and are exempted from Meating the Truth every time (like on the Climate Bill).

Now, a bill has just passed the U.S. House of Representatives that includes an amendment from Idaho’s Mike Simpson that :

prevents the Environmental Protection Agency from being allowed to gather any data on the contribution that animal agriculture makes to climate change.

So even the EPA conducting scientific inquiry into Livestock’s contribution to Climate Change could be cut off, if the President signs the bill.

Simpson even opined: “If the EPA had existed in Biblical times, there is no question in my mind that it would have regulated gas emissions from Noah’s Ark. Poor Noah and his livestock; they could withstand a 40-day flood, but they would never have survived the EPA.”

This news right after a new report suggests that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s report (Livestock’s Long Shadow) estimate that Livestock contribute 18% of human global warming gases in the world (more than all trains, planes, and automobiles) might have significantly underestimated Livestock’s relative contribution to Climate Change :

Livestock and Climate Change – by Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang

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3 Responses to US House passes amendment banning measurement of livestock-related global warming gases

  1. Mike says:

    Is this a JOKE?

  2. jimbob says:

    Other than greed and dirty politics, what could be a scientific reason for this? These are dirty politicians, plain and simple—owned and operated by big ag. MORONS!

  3. JimT says:

    This idiocy goes hand in hand with the rhetoric about Salazar forming a task force to look at the role of climate change in making land and resource decisions. The idiots on the right are saying this will negate all of the previous regs and agreements, that it basically will kill the sky and make it fall.

    The Republican party has become a dangerous, radical, joke, being taking over by the Christian Right…Get the book Republican Gomorrah…it is both amazing and depressing just how the GOP has sold its soul…


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