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Meet the scientists risking their lives to find Earth’s rarest species

This is an interesting article about cryptozoology, the “study of hidden animals”. One of the scientists mentioned is Dr. Jeff Meldrum, associate professor of anatomy and anthropology and my old college advisor at Idaho State University in Pocatello, who spends part of his time searching for sasquatch. I remain skeptical about their existence but I don’t dismiss it entirely. I had many long conversations with him about his hypothesis and also encountered a few pranksters who visited his office or sent him information. He’s a very intelligent scientist who knows his stuff.

The article also talks about the many unusual discoveries in recent years.

The explorers’ club
By Helena de Bertodano – Telegraph UK





  1. cc Avatar

    Did Dr. Meldrum ever discuss with you what would happen to “bigfoot” if he did find indisputable proof? I’m curious if he had reservations about the biological/political circus that would follow.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    I guess you noticed that Ken Cole posted this article, not me. Although you might be asking because we are both professors at ISU, although I have been retired for 2 years.

    I talked with Dr. Meldrum about his work and read his book. He asked me if I had seen anything of interest in my days in the backcountry (my answer is “no”).

    I didn’t ask him what he thought would happen if clear proof was found.

    What I hope would happen amidst all this budget-cutting is a flood of money comes pouring in 😉 He has received some pretty good private grants (so I was told by someone). It isn’t being funded by taxpayers.

  3. cc Avatar

    Sorry I overlooked who posted it. Thanks for your reply just the same.


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