Park officials consider killing off entire bighorn herd

Custer State Park may just start over

Park officials consider killing off entire bighorn herd
Kevin Woster – Rapid City Journal

Update 3/3/10 GF&P secretary: Killing off bighorns not a serious option



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  1. Angela Avatar

    Followed today by news that it isn’t an option?
    Is there no genetic diversity between bighorn populations that would warrant trying to save at least a few from these populations? oh, sorry, they are “game” animals, so that wouldn’t likely apply.

  2. Mike Avatar

    This seems pretty stupid to me. If the last remaining bighorn survived, there’s a reason. Why would you kill off a population that has shown a good response to this illness?

    I spent some time in Custer this fall and was able to film a few bighorn there. I consider myself very lucky. On top of that I consider it incredibly arrogant and short sighted to kill off the animals that survived. Nice reward. What Custer State Park may want to do is not let the sheep into the park like they do. They also may want to stop building stuff. The park is highly overdeveloped.

    It’s still beautiful though.

  3. mikarooni Avatar

    I guess this will be Custer’s last stand …again. Without a deliberate decision to change direction, bad karma never seems to dissipate once it gets dug in.

  4. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    It seems pretty stupid to kill off the survivors who obviously have some sort of resistance.


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