Nevada wildlife chief questions sage grouse decision

More worried about protecting industry than wildlife.

Mono Basin Sage Grouse
Mono Basin Sage Grouse

The Mono Basin sage grouse received a higher priority rating, a 3 on a scale of 1-12, as a candidate species than the larger populations elsewhere which received an 8 rating. Unbelievably the Chief of the Nevada Division of wildlife expressed greater concern about the industries that would be affected. That shows you what that agency’s priorities are.

“Ken Mayer, director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife, said the decision could affect mining, ranching and other activities in a wide area generally around the Mono Basin.”

Sage grouse in this area have declined greatly and have become greatly isolated not only from the larger populations but from each other. Frankly, these grouse should have been listed as threatened, if not endangered, due to their very low population levels and the threats that face them in the future. Notice that there is a proposed mine in the middle of one of the largest population areas.

Nev. wildlife chief questions sage grouse decision
By MARTIN GRIFFITH, Associated Press Writer



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  1. JimT Avatar

    Money, Money, Money………

  2. kt Avatar

    Guess who is the BIGGEST threat to Mono Basin Grouse? The famous Barron Hilton Flying M Hobby Ranch. THat would be Paris Hilton’s grandfather – the wealthy hotel magnate.

    Flying M runs cows all over the Bodie Hills – and boy is that country beat to death!

  3. Nathan Hobbs Avatar

    Ken-I am seeing lots of really cool species range maps from you lately where are you getting the data from I have a GIS project coming up and want to compare levels of road densities to known habitat ranges.
    Email me or post back! many thanks.

  4. candace manley Avatar
    candace manley

    What’s wrong with wildlifecontrol is no one is watching the ravens! Their a big problem out here in big smokey valley and I’ve seen them attack eagles and owls, birds eggs and there is 100’s of them out here where is our game control get rid of the ravens then we’ll have sagehens again, sage hens move to other locations cause the Ravens chase them out also they chase out deer I seen them chase a buck out of the brush and he snorted at the raven took off they control their areas WE NEED RID OF THE RAVENS BEFORE TOO LATE lover of animal world not RAVENs


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