March 19, 2010

  • For years Senator McCain has posed as a friend of restoring quiet over the Grand Canyon- It’s not true, and on Monday the U.S. Senate will vote on his amendment that would lock in the noise for a lot more time, according to the Sierra Club. Of course you would be wise to do your…

  • Editorial by the Casper Star Tribune- Tribune editorial says wolves not decimating NW Wyoming elk, wolves were introduced in fact so they would affect elk, but wolf management is needed. Here is today’s editorial on the day before the anti-wolf rally in Jackson, Wyoming.

  • Both elk and bison currently stable- Yesterday I did a long post on the stabilization of the elk population on Yellowstone’s northern range, but I didn’t mention another important development, the recovery of the bison population to a bit over 3000 animals. Growth between 2008 and 9 has been slow. In the past years, the…

  • How did a (probable) Idaho wolverine end up in the Sierra of California? Lone, lovelorn wolverine baffles scientists. By Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer

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