They really aren’t the huge, vicious “Canadian” wolves.

Jon Rachel of the Idaho Fish and Game talks about wolves and debunks many of the myths that the wolf haters wish were true.

State biologist clarifies wolf myths
By JON DUVAL – Mountain Express

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4 Responses to State biologist clarifies wolf myths

  1. I love wolves. I was so glad to find this blog. The great wolf debate has been going on too long, I think. Wolves have every reason to be part of Earth’s ecosystems, & they need to be, too. If you’re interested, check out my blog @
    I’m happy someone is taking notice of this wolf issue we’re facing. I’ll definitely remember this blog & check it out often.
    – Song of the wolf

  2. JimT says:

    Interesting piece, especially from someone from IDFG. Wish he had addressed the myth of wolves killing for “fun”.

  3. Richie, Giallanzo,NJ says:

    I hope the myth of the killer wolf will stop sometime in the near future. People come to see the wolf plus we kill them too people make money on both sides!

  4. ProWolf in WY says:

    About time this got addressed by someone in the state fish and game. But I agree with you Jim, the idea of wolves killing for fun should be addressed.


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