Was Macho B intentionally caught?

The question about whether or not jaguar scat was placed at the trap site or not is the focus of the article. One former employee says she placed the scat at the trap site on the orders of her boss while the employee who was fired recently says she is lying.

Some have suggested to me that the use of a snare may have greatly contributed to Macho B’s death. There are photos of his paw which show it being swollen and that this may have caused much stress as well as caused infection.

Accounts conflict on how jaguar was trapped
Tony Davis Arizona Daily Star

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  1. Ron Kearns says:

    This is an important excerpt from the Arizona Daily Star article because the exposé of what actually occurred would most likely not have occurred without Ms. Janay Burn’s ‘confession’.



    “McCain has already disputed Brun’s account.

    “It will always be my word versus theirs,” Brun said Saturday. “I knew this when I came forward.”

    “It would be easy to dismiss her because she’s not affiliated with Game and Fish, and was not part of the study of mountain lions and bears in which Macho B was captured, Brun said. But she said she should be believed because unlike Smith, she hasn’t changed her story and “I am not hiding behind some form of immunity; it didn’t take me months to come forward.”

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