Gov. Otter takes on feds over wilderness filming

This shows the hypocrisy of allowing helicopter darting of wolves in the Wilderness

The USFS won’t allow Idaho Public Television to film in the Wilderness of Idaho because they claim that they are a commercial operation but the station is funded and operated by the State of Idaho.

It kind of puts the helicopter darting of wolves into perspective doesn’t it? FYI, that issue is still being litigated in Federal Court.

Gov. Otter takes on feds over wilderness filming.
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  1. Hilljack Avatar

    Not sure I agree with this decision. If they want to walk in with that gear it should be ok. They where no using any motorized equipment. I am sure all the hunting shows filmed in wilderness did not get permission to film a commercial program. I don’t think IDFG should be flying in to dart wolves and from what I here if they do it again this year they will do it with or without a permit and just pay the fine. I will say the Frank Guzman is a very good man and has done a great job in the USFS.

  2. timz Avatar

    The decision has been reversed,they’re going to let them in.

  3. ProWolf in WY Avatar
    ProWolf in WY

    So it is okay to take helicopters in but not film equipment? Interesting.


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