Dozens of Environmental Groups and Scientists sign letter asking Obama for Ken Salazar’s Resignation.

Ken Salazar, Secretary of Interior

Ken Salazar, Secretary of Interior

WildEarth Guardians initiated the drive to find signatories to the letter in which a number of conservation groups and scientists have called for the resignation of Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar. Many of the signatories had asked Obama to not appoint him in the first place.

I believe that Ken Salazar has been a disaster for the environment. He has not tackled the corruption in the Minerals Management Service, has done virtually nothing to reform public lands ranching, and has the worst record for protecting endangered species. This all comes on top of the BP Gulf Oil Spill which will forever change the ecology of the Gulf of Mexico and its coastal areas.

I have not seen who all has signed the letter but I have seen the letter floating around for about a week. I do know, however, that Western Watersheds Project (which I am an employee of) and Buffalo Field Campaign (which I am a member of the board) have signed it.

Greens call for Salazar’s resignation.
Juliet Eilperin -Washington Post

Colorado Group Urges Ken Salazar to Stay in Colorado
WildEarth Guardians – Press Release

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36 Responses to Greens call for Salazar's resignation

  1. vickif says:

    I think this will fall on deaf ears. However, most people knew from get go that anyone appointed to Salazar’s position should have been a non-biast party, with the appropriate motivation and background. Salazar had neither.
    But, politicians are primarily about self-preservation. I don’t look for him to step down, or Obama to acknowledge a huge error in judgement by asking for his resignation.
    Politics as usual.
    In fact, I doubt Salazar would ever even own responsibility in anything disasterous. His personal responsibility may be null, but his professional responsibility should be-in good conscience- atleast noted aloud.

  2. timz says:

    I agree, the narcissist in the White House will never admit an error like that appointment.

  3. jdubya says:

    Where can I sign it?

    Narcissist? Of 1000 descriptions of Obama that would not be one I would use.

  4. Barb Rupers says:

    During the Reagan reign there was a call to “dump Watt”. How about “can Ken”?

  5. This is how things get started. I’m sure they don’t expect victory just like that.

    This oil spill will probably get worse and worse, lingering for a long time. Voters will blame someone. Although the corruption of the Minerals Management Service mostly came through efforts of Dick Cheney and other Bush Administration people such as Cody Coyote has mentioned (Randall Luthi), people are not going to say “well “it was another thing from the past Administration.”

    Someone will get thrown under the bus, and it can’t be someone no one has heard of. Salazar promised specifically to clean up and reform the MMS, and it wasn’t done. It is politically right that his head should roll (and right in general because he has been an uncritical friend of the energy industries).

    • JEFF E says:

      And Dick Cheney has been uncharacteristically silent about this whole episode.

    • timz says:

      They just threw the head of MMS “under the bus” and fired her, just as you predicted Ralph.

  6. Virginia says:

    This is great. Where do I sign? What a disaster Salazar has been in such a short time. Interesting, as Jeff E says, how we hear nothing from the Cheney tribe on this?

  7. Richard Giallanzo,nj says:

    It was a mistake from the get go. It is Obama’s fault,he is not an environmemtal person,just the opposite. He is for ranchers,big oil, mining,and this is the guy our president picked. He had the Kennedy in the running,what happened I do not know.

  8. Chris Harbin says:

    And even though there was suppose to be a moratorium on off-shore drilling, more have been approved – several with the infamous Categorical Exclusion.

  9. Richard Giallanzo,nj says:

    Yes Chris I heard of that exclusion, but now Obama is going to tighten up those restrictions, yea when horses fly ! Is this the best the dems could give us for president.

  10. Save bears says:

    Heck I remember the campaign vividly, I thought those who voted him in office said he was the savior for the country? Did I miss something?

    • Jeff N. says:

      Whereas George W. said God told him to run president. Well after those disasterous 8 yrs. I guess we can assume that God has a very twisted sense of humor.

    • steve c says:

      Save bears, I love the 20/20 hindsight. Do you think things would be better with McCain/Palin in office?

    • Save bears says:

      Steve C.

      With the current politicians in WA and those waiting to get there, nope I don’t think anyone would have been better at this point in time, they are all clueless

    • Save bears says:

      And Steve, there was no 20/20, what I posted is what I was hearing during the last Presidential Election on the news, on the blogs and in the papers! You don’t have to have 20/20 to predict this crap!

    • Save bears says:

      Jeff N.

      They are all a bunch of nutcases hellbent on power!!! Until such time as we TAKE our government back, we deserve what we get!

    • Jeremy B. says:

      Save Bears:

      Unfortunately, your deep distrust in government is widespread, and it is one of the sources of apathy in the American populace. This is unfortunate because apathy (in the form of low voter-turnout) just places more power in the hands of fewer individuals.

      Polarization has always played a role in American politics (the Jefferson v. Adams presidential race in 1796 was particularly ugly). In my view, it really isn’t too much different today than it was then. The big difference (outside of the 24 hour news cycle) is that years of redistricting have made Congressional seats virtually impenetrable, “creating” politicians who can simultaneously speak political hyperbole and represent their constituencies. It also means the minority party can sit back and play spoiler (as the Republicans are doing now) with little fear of electoral retribution.

      Obama has attempted to deliver the “change” he promised (though this wasn’t necessarily the type of “change” his supporters heard). His presidency has been all about compromise and “middle of the road” politics (down to the people he placed in such positions as Secretary of Interior). This certainly represents a “change” from the Bush years of nepotism and favoritism, but it has not been too popular with people on the left. I’m not dismissing his increasingly atrocious environmental record, I’m just saying people got what they were promised.

      And regarding McCain & Palin…well, I won’t even go there.

    • Save bears says:

      Jeremy B.,

      I worked for them for 26 years and then was stupid enough to go get another degree and go back to work for them AGAIN!

      If you look back over my posting in the last 2 years, I knew for a fact that Obama could not do what he told everybody he could, there is no apathy in me, there is over 35 years of experience, first 26 years of it being an officer in the Military, and working in the Pentagon at one time and then, going to work for a local agency, that basically screwed me 6 ways from Sunday, so now I have to fight to get what I earned!

      I am not apathetic, I am flat pissed off because Washington and the politicians that aspire for Washington are blowing smoke up our asses, and will continue to do so, until such time as we demand they don’t..

      Unfortunately in the position I am in, if you try to bring this to light, you get bent over and screwed..hell I have two purple hearts, a silver star, and an artificial hip, because I believed in our Government, with that and a buck, I might be able to purchase a small cup of coffee..

    • Save bears says:

      And if case you didn’t get that, I would not trust them any farther than I could throw them!

  11. Robert Hoskins says:

    Save Bears

    For brave soldiers getting screwed by the sovereign, I’d highly recommend the swashbuckling albeit dark Captain Alatriste novels by Spanish novelist Arturo Perez-Reverte, who’s probably the best Western novelist writing today.

    Captain Alatriste, a soldier and swordsman, finds himself tied up in the Counter Reformation (the Thirty Years War) in the early to mid 17th century as Spain, in its death throws, attempts to hang onto its European empire and throws its infantry, the Tercios, into the cannon’s mouth year after year after year. Alatriste at one point even saves that idiot Philip IV’s life. Not that it did him much good. He’s killed at the Battle of Rocroi in 1643.


  12. timz says:

    “His presidency has been all about compromise and “middle of the road” politics”

    Thanks for the laugh, this may be the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long,long time.

    • JB says:


      I’m glad you were amused, but let’s look at his short record. (1) He angered the left from the very beginning with centrist appointments to his cabinet. (2) He hammered Congress to find bipartisan support for health care, which was not forthcoming, and ultimately resulted in a much-watered down version of the legislation. (3) Other than attempting to promote so-called “green” energy development, his environmental policies haven’t really differed substantially from those of G.W. Bush. (4) His appointments to the Supreme Court have been mainstream, center-left justices that will likely result in the court moving to the RIGHT with the departure of Stevens. (5) The so-called bank “bail out” that the Right loves to carry on about was begun under Bush, and nearly EVERY ECONOMIST agreed that it was necessary.

      The only people who think Obama is a far-left politician are the idiots at Fox “News” and the people foolish enough to listen to them.

  13. timz says:

    And by all means let’s go ahead and blame Bush and Cheney for the oil spill, they’ve only been gone a year and a half. We’ll go ahead and give the current Messiah a pass, because so far his administration has done nothing, the folks on the coast can’t even get sandbags. I wonder if Spike Lee will make a movie about this being another plot to kill blacks like he did after Katrina.

  14. jon says:

    My opinion is that the majority of americans don’t trust the government anymore and with good reason. Bush Jr, or Obama, they are all the same really, they all suck. With regards to the oil spill, you blame the administration that is in charge now and that is Obama’s. Obama is a one term president. Obama preached change just so he could get people to vote for him. People like him, they tell you one thing to get elected and than when they become president, they do something totally different. The only change we need is him out of office. I am sure the next guy in line will probably be the same, but everyone deserves a chance. Obama blew his chance.

    • kt says:

      The most bizarre thing is how cold-hearted Obama is. The rant that showed up earlier today by James Carville (who I have always recoiled from before) was spot-on.

      Or maybe they are up to Oil Shock – to get mega -renewables accepted unquestionably anywhere Industry wants them … As long as the usual Suspects control the renewables …

  15. Richard Giallanzo,nj says:

    To JB ;
    You are correct about voter turnout, but sb is not so far from the truth and so are you, the president has been middle of the road. But this is not what his voters wanted,perfact example is Salazar very bad choice, and how he has handled the gulf situation very bad. Just my opinion.

  16. Mal Adapted says:

    Let’s keep in mind that the founders didn’t trust government either. They knew that no-one who sought power could be trusted, and that historically power was held by those who wanted it the most. They set things up so that contenders for power had to ask the people to choose among them. Their goal was to forestall tyranny. They had no illusions that politicians were heroes, or that campaign promises would be kept.

    We should realize that a vote for one candidate over another will always be a decision on the margin. I voted for Obama, and I don’t regret it, given the choices. Sure I’m disappointed in his conservation-related appointments and policy initiatives, but I remind myself that biodiversity protection isn’t a high priority for the majority of voters in this country. Why would I expect it to be for Obama? We get the government we deserve.

    By all means, let’s try to get Salazar fired. But I’m not going to kid myself that Obama, or any other president, will ever deliver the change I most want to see. That will require a change in the values of the voters. I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • Jon says:

      Obama and George W. Jr are two of the worst presidents of modern time imo. You should see some of the people that Obama picked to be in his administration. There is this one guy Cass Sunstein, he wants to ban hunting and he wants to be able to give animals the rights to bring lawsuits against people who abuse them. Salazar was a poor pick, he should be fired.

    • Brian Ertz says:

      the vote is only one, among many, of the tools that citizens have to accomplish “change” with respect to any number of public interest policy agenda items that one may or may not care about.

      it ain’t a question of fostering a majority support of voters behind a particular policy white-paper ~ there are many points of vulnerability by which policy change is possible — even probable — even with a willing ‘minority’, particularly in a political environment of relative apathy.

    • Mal Adapted says:


      If you’re telling us to look to the citizens for leadership, rather than to the politicians, we’re in violent agreement.

  17. Richard Giallanzo,nj says:

    Does anybody know what George jr. and Obama have in common?
    The least experience in political office, than any modern day canidate for the president of the United States.

  18. kt says:

    it’s quite interesting that the woman who was fired today was likely put in the position because she did NOT Have experience. PEER May 20th Press Release.

    So it was (theoretically) Salazar’s Decision to put someone who had no experience with Oil and Gas there.

    I say theoretically because from listening to and watching Salazar on You Tube the past few days, what we have here is a fairly dim Puppet of Industry, without a doubt. The Puppetmasters likely used the “fresh eyes” theory so that industry could loot longer.

  19. vickif says:

    Eef, wow. I am always amazed at how people argue the intent, integrity, policies, or progress of a president.

    The simple relaity is, the president is a result of a cummulation of voters choices on representation. The president has a job, he is not almighty and exclusive. He doesn’t yield unquestioned power. He is one man.

    We all need to take a look in the mirror. Every single one of us, has at some point, made a choice. Some of the choices are reflections of two bad alternatives, but we made them none the less.

    We can argue politics, argue Obamatics, Reaganomics, Bushantics, Clintonomy…but is it helping?

    The place we are in now is a result of the places we have been. We can only hope to make bigger, better strides in the future. We just have to weigh those choices carefully, and then leap.

    Salazar isn’t good for the country, oil isn’t good for the coast. Now what?

    Unless you are willing to put up a solar panel, pedal a bike, buy a hybrid, and buy local….you are no less an offender than anyone else (myself included)

    We all need to see it is time to “put up, or shut up”. Stop throwing stones and do what you can actually call a personal accomplishment. All this bickering isn’t changing a damn thing. It won’t change anyone else’s opinions, it will likely piss them off. But you can change your personal life styles. Drive less, use less, conserve more…vote an get on with your life.

    • cc says:

      Very well said. Blaming a president or political party is a convenient way for us to absolve ourselves from responsibility. We’re in the mess we’re in because of us not someone else. As Gandhi said “we must be the change we wish to see in the world”.


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